HENDRICKSON: What drives our belief systems?

Rolla B. Hendrickson, Jr. 

It is very apparent that there exists animosity by many younger individuals toward certain attitudes and beliefs of many older folks in our nation.

Recently visiting several of my grandchildren (under 30 years of age), it is obvious that some of my “old school” beliefs are under verbal attack. I am a Christian by faith. I say “faith” because there are many “religions” in our nation and world but in my opinion only one true faith.

Religion implies saying and doing things religiously, or just out of habit. Hopefully, most individuals brush their teeth very religiously, go to work religiously, and so on. Religion to me implies reliance upon human creations or human dictates that are followed “religiously” by adherents.

Faith on the other hand comes from an unswerving belief and adherence to the Maker of it all — Almighty God. Faith does seem to be under attack while secular ideas and assumptions gain momentum.

Perhaps our grandchildren and many others in that age group rely upon what other human beings tell them and not upon the words of their Creator to guide them. Social media and many other influences in our nation’s educational systems daily provide the fodder for their religion.

It is little wonder that we “old fogies” and some younger individuals cannot seem to comprehend the changes we observe in changing customs, habits and belief systems exhibited by an increasing number in our society.

A simple question needs to be asked. That question is “to whom do you rely upon to form your opinions and belief system?”

For a few decades now in our nation, the impact of the various Christian churches and assemblies has been diminished. The authority of God’s Word is being eroded and replaced by man’s changing whims and thought processes. Such positions in our society formerly were referred to as “situational ethics,” “changing morality,” “secular humanism” and other such descriptive names.

The ultimate source of morality and ethics is being replaced by subordinate ideas to fit a person’s choices and desires.

Of course, those who disagree with my premise will say things like “whose morality and ethics is your source?” And that question, my readers, identifies the reason why many of us believe that our nation is rapidly going downhill on a slippery slope, and so many are “greasing” the runners to aid in the process.

Christian pastors, teachers, parents and all who believe in Almighty God’s Word available to the world may have been reluctant to stand up and speak out for fear of rejection or some other reason. It matters little because believers in God’s authority are already belittled and shunned in many places. Perhaps it is not too late to take a stand, or to take inventory of our own belief system.

Certainly, any intelligent individual should welcome the opportunity to consider their beliefs and the source of them.

Rolla B.Hendrickson Jr. is a resident of Lake Park.

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