HENDRICKSON: Facing consequences of elections

Rolla B. Hendrickson, Jr. 

Perhaps a majority of voters in the United States and especially here in Georgia remained focused on identity politics, remaining loyal to their particular political party, voting for or against President Trump and his actions, or somewhat just ignorant on the real issues facing our nation. 

Regardless of the reason for their votes, Georgians have two years to reflect upon the electorate decisions and the ensuing voting records of both the new senators and the Democratic-held seat of government.

As a 20-year former resident of Lowndes County, and now a resident of South Carolina due to urgent family matters, I have continued to follow the politics of Georgia since my relocation last year. I am academically trained in history, government and political science and attempt to look beyond the superficial issues that often confront our nation and state voters. 

Before the victors celebrate their results, each of us should consider the potential, and perhaps likely, consequences of either just voting against a candidate or being duped into our vote by “pie in the sky” and “free lunch” promises by either party – and now by the Democratic party. I sincerely doubt if many of those who voted really considered the outcomes of their decisions, especially a desire for the distinct possibility of a socialist economy.

I offer a few possible results of such a change:

1. The distinct possibility of a divided and “no-nothing” Congress that renders itself to tactics that do not promote compromise and action.

2. The eventual realization that there is really no free money or services that can continue for long without dire results.

3. The understanding that when government becomes the “bread-winner” for many groups of individuals it really (and already has for years) requires the economic slavery of those receiving the bread, i.e., monetary payments.

It has become a sad state of affairs in our great nation when so many, especially younger generations but some older persons as well, really have never learned and certainly do not understand the type of government that is the United States of America. 

Or they do not really care and seek to overthrow it in favor of promised “freebies” and utopian promises — both of which have failed in history and would eventually fail as well here.

Rolla B. Hendrickson Jr., formerly of Lake Park, now Gaffney, S.C.

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