Some people say President Trump is arrogant, his tweets are atrocious, he insults and offends anyone who disagrees with him. He’s called a narcissist; but if so, fortunately he is a narcissist for America.

Our nation is sick, very sick and in need of a competent doctor, even if the doctor has poor bedside manners. She doesn’t need an incompetent doctor with good bedside manners?

President Trump has been a good doctor for America. He has accomplished much and would have done even more had the Congress and most in the news media been more helpful instead of fighting him at every turn.

He has an ability to get things done no matter what others think or who he offends.

He doesn’t appear to be overly religious; yet, he is a champion for Christians. Rev. Franklin Graham said, Trump has been a voice and a warrior for people of faith. Also, unlike many politicians, if at all possible, he keeps his promises. God truly does work in mysterious ways.

Therefore, think twice before you write him off just because you don’t like him and say you won’t vote for him in 2020, think about the kind of America you want in the future. Trump will be Trump, and we can endure it for four more years because he will leave us with a much better America than will the socialist Democrats. If they win, America will never go back to the freedom we have known in the past.

Think of the conservative judges Trump will appoint who will serve for 20 to 30 years. Especially think of the possibility that Mike Pence may be elected to follow him.

The real power in America is the bureaucracies. They make regulations that have the power of law. We don’t want liberal judges who will uphold their regulations without consideration of whether or not it’s constitutional.

Once I installed a septic tank on a lot I owned on the Gulf of Mexico. The EPA sent me a letter giving less than 10 days to remove it. The letter stated, that after 10 days, I would be fined $10,000 per day until it was removed. Ordinary citizens can’t fight such a powerful bureaucracy. Freedom lost!

Judges, bureaucracies, trade deals with foreign countries such as China, and to a lesser extent, politicians will determine what America will be like in 2025 and beyond.

Speaking of China, here’s one of many examples of what past administrations have allowed China to get away with. China announces they will buy more tons of soybeans than they actually plan to buy. That makes the price go up. 

Therefore, the American farmer plants soybeans. China then sells contracts on the market knowing the price will come down. This means they pay less, plus make a killing in the market as the price comes down. The loser is the American farmer.

No one likes tariffs, not even President Trump, but how else can he deal with a nation like China who steals our intellectual property, manipulates markets and has a long-range goal of dominating the world economically and militarily?

As painful as this may be for consumers, businesses and farmers, if we don’t address this problem now, it will only get worse and more painful and we may not be able to address it in the future. We should be thankful to have a president who understands and is willing to fight this rogue nation, now!

What kind of America do you want to pass on to your children and grandchildren? Do you want a powerful government telling them what to do? Or do you want them making their own choices? Do you want more bureaucratic control or do you want less? Do you want a government that takes fairness to the extreme, trying to make everything fair, by taking from the industrious and giving to the non-industrious?

Do you want liberal unelected judges making decisions based on their political beliefs or how they feel on the day they make the decision, rather than what’s written in the Constitution? Do you want open borders where hordes of illegal immigrants come pouring into our country with no intention of adopting our culture or learning our language? 

Or do you want a legal system of immigration where those coming have the right motives, skills and a desire to assimilate into our culture and become Americans?

Would you trade our republic, the most prosperous nation ever, for a failed socialist dictatorial system which has never been successful? If you haven’t noticed, that is the direction in which the Democratic party is rapidly moving.

Do you want a government that thinks it’s OK to kill babies up to the time of birth and in some cases, even after the birth? No matter your age today, one day you will be old. Such a government could decide, like killing babies, it’s your time to go because you have become a burden to society. Really, really think about that.

If liberal judges are appointed after Trump leaves office, the future rulers of America will be the bureaucracy and judiciary, not we the people. Do you want this unelected class of people, many with little respect for our Constitution, ruling America?

Never in our history has there been such a clear contrast between the Democrats and the Republican/Trump Administration. Listen to the Democratic proposals. Free everything, free college, free medical for all, free abortion on demand, etc. Like President F.D. Roosevelt once said, “A chicken in every pot.”

Listen to their proposals. Learn about the green new deal. Imagine, no cows, no airplanes, only electric cars, every building in America remodeled to meet green standards. Think of it, no oil, gasoline, coal or fossil fuel. Imagine the catastrophic disruption to our economy.

The cost would be tens, possibly hundreds of trillions of dollars to implement their plan. The government has no money except what it takes from us through taxes and what they borrow. How idiotic to say it will pay for itself and make us more prosperous.

I am very disappointed that the Democratic party has so radically changed. They appear to be out of their minds and out of control.

They are tearing our nation apart because they can’t accept the fact that Hillary lost and Trump won. They have wasted almost three years and millions of dollars trying to convince the American people of the lie that President Trump is a puppet of Russia and stole the election with their help. 

Even today, after the Mueller investigation proved it didn’t happen, they persist with help from the fake news media.

Unless and until there is a huge change in the Socialist Democratic party, we must be vigilant and fight, yes fight to prevent them from gaining power. 

President Reagan warned us, “Freedom is only one generation away from extinction.” 

We are that generation. Therefore, support President Trump, think of the future America you want your children and grandchildren to live in.

Now you know “Why TRUMP in 2020.”

Hoot Gibson is a resident of Valdosta, author of “Hoot’s Wisdom Nuggets You Cut, I Choose” and “Hoot’s Wisdom Nuggets to Help You Become a Super Salesman.” Email him at:


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