GIBSON: On the case for impeachment

Hoot Gibson

Donald Trump was not supposed to win the 2016 election. Didn’t everyone know that Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the first female President of the United States?

And yet, in spite of that, Donald Trump had the audacity to win; of course, he must be impeached. Why? Because the Dems are such sore losers that they just can’t get over it.

Even worse for the Democrats, Rep. Al Green of Texas said, on MSNBC TV, “I’m concerned if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.” It is a very dangerous trend when an opposition party is willing to use impeachment as a tool to subvert the will of the American electorate. We need to have a political “house-cleaning” in 2020.

Hillary was so sure that she would ascend to the throne that she failed to campaign in several of the midwestern states; had she done so, she may have won. Incidentally, that is why we must never do away with the electoral college. To do so would mean that the president could be elected by as few as 11 of the most populated states. Therefore, the majority of the remaining states, being less populated, could and probably would be totally ignored.

Never forget that our government is not, nor should it be, a true democracy. It is a republic, a representative government, based on democratic principles. This allows for fairer representation throughout all the regions of our nation, thus preventing a few highly populated areas from totally dictating to the rest of the nation.

Now back to Hillary and her staff. They considered me and millions like me to be “smelly Walmart deplorables.” I wonder how many millions of votes that may have cost her.

And so, with the help of the Fake News Media, without evidence, the wheels of impeachment were set in motion even before Donald Trump was sworn in.

Consider this, President Obama was not my choice; however, I never thought of impeachment. That’s just not the American way.

Now to find a reason for impeachment.

First, they used the Emolument Clause saying President Trump profited in his businesses because of his position as president; this went nowhere.

Then it was hush money payments to Stormy Daniels which could be considered an illegal payment from campaign contributions. After much ado about nothing with lying witnesses produced by her attorney, Michael Avenetti, it was realized a case could not be made.

Rep. Adam Schiff (Dem) said he had conclusive evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia. That turned out to be one of many verifiable lies he has told.

Even so, with help from the deep state and the media, an investigation was begun. With great hope and excitement by the Democrats, after about two and a half years and $35 million of our tax dollars wasted, the Mueller report determined that there was not enough evidence to determine collusion. What a disappointment for the Dems.

Russian collusion didn’t work but when President Trump defended himself from what he knew to be a lie, the Democrats called it obstruction of justice for this crime that never happened.

Again, that did not work so next came a so-called whistleblower, who turned out not to be a whistleblower, saying there was a quid pro quo between President Trump and the president of the Ukraine. That quickly changed to it was impeachable even if there was no quid pro quo.

And so, on it goes and you can rest assured that it will continue until something impeachable is found. Again I say that is not the American way.

Can you imagine a policeman following you night and day trying to find a crime you may have committed or will commit? It’s just not right.

If the House of Representatives were really committed to doing their job of oversight, there are plenty of clear and visible crimes to be investigated. How about starting with the 33,000 emails Hillary’s staff destroyed while under subpoena. Also, why do you suppose her computers were destroyed with hammers and bleach? Even a one-eyed monkey would know that something very damaging must have been in the emails and/or on the computers.

The Democrats should accept the fact that Hillary lost and President Trump won. Like in the game of golf, they can play another round, which is the next election, but they don’t get a do-over, so they should stop this impeachment hysteria.

Hoot Gibson is a resident of Valdosta, guest columnist for the Valdosta Daily Times, author of “Hoot’s Wisdom Nuggets You Cut, I Choose” and “Hoot’s Wisdom Nuggets to Help You Become a Super Salesman.” Email:

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