Cyberattacks are becoming more and more frequent. This is very  upsetting because someone wants to take your identity away from you and use it for their own purposes. 

When that happens you no longer exist legally, someone else has taken your place. 

The devil does the same thing when you choose to follow him. He wants to  steal your identity as a child of God. 

"Ye are the sons of the living God" – Hosea 1:10 KJV. He would like you to think that you are not a child of God. 

For example, Cain was no longer accepted  of the Lord when he murdered his brother, Abel. (see Genesis Chapter Four). The devil convinced Cain to follow him and turn against his divine origin. 

In 1 Samuel Chapter 13, we learn that Saul's kingdom did not continue when he went against the Lord's commandments. It is impossible to serve two masters and Saul chose to no longer serve His God. It did not happen immediately, but Saul lost his identity as God's chosen king. 

When Judas betrayed innocent blood, he was no longer an apostle of Christ. (Matthew 27:3-5). Judas lost his physical and spiritual life. 

These three men and many more have lost their identity in Christ when they disobeyed Him. 

Cyberattacks from the devil are very serious. His purpose is to bring you to his world and have your name blotted out of heaven which is the worst cyberattack of all. 


Margaret Fagre is a resident of Valdosta. 

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