Associated PressSan Francisco Giants' Drew Smyly pitches against the Seattle Mariners during the first inning of a baseball game in San Francisco, Sept. 16 in a makeup of a game postponed Tuesday in Seattle.

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Valdosta dropped the regular season finale against Lee 41-7. As they prepare for playoffs on Nov. 27, here are six takeaways: 

This past summer, I spent five weeks in Florida, helping my father-in-law with a few things. I was away from my husband, friends, church family and all the creature comforts of home, including my beloved pine forest, where I go on my prayer walks.

Long regarded as one of the most underrated players in Major League Baseball, Freddie Freeman got the recognition he deserved this year with the National League Most Valuable Player Award.

“For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named ... that you ... may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height – to know the love of Christ ... with all the fulln…

Joe Biden described the agonizing wait for the outcome of the presidential election thusly: “Democracy can sometimes be messy.”

Following the announcement Saturday that Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States, President Donald Trump ought to concede and leave office with more dignity than he has shown as commander-in-chief.

Joe Biden described the agonizing wait for the outcome of the presidential election thusly: “Democracy can sometimes be messy.”

By raising false claims about the election’s legitimacy and prematurely declaring victory, President Donald Trump is playing with fire, putting his own lust for power above the welfare of a bitterly divided nation.

Are you “willing” to serve the Lord, however, wherever, and whenever? Or do you “desire” to serve Him in that capacity? I am not playing a game of semantics here. Sure, both attitudes are obedient on the surface, but they are not the same, and the difference is a heart matter.

The pounamu stone, or “green stone,” is found in southern New Zealand. The name is representative of several types of hard and durable stones. Nephrite jade and serpentinite, among others, are in this geological family.


Sixty games and two months of baseball is in the books for the 2020 Major League Baseball Season. The most unusual of baseball seasons led to a familiar result for the Atlanta Braves; another year, another division title for the Braves. 

Last week, many people noticed a strange, smoky sky over much of the country, not realizing why it was there. The haze was smoke carried across the U.S. by the jet stream from the giant wildfires in California, Oregon and Washington.

Several years ago, I was traveling down Hill Avenue and I turned into Harmon's store, and when I came out, I turned left. When I got down to Church’s Chicken, a young man ran out and shouted, “Mister. You’re going the wrong way.” 

Imagine a clearing or roadside, once green and full of life, strewn with scrap metal, appliances and other illegally dumped items. This might include food wrappers thrown from car windows, or bottles and cans left behind by pedestrians passing through. Now picture that same area spotless, it…


Mr. Consistency may soon become Mr. Valuable Player if the final week plays out like the last month has gone for Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman.

The former head of the NAACP, Roy Wilkins, said, “Those who refuse to vote, participate in their own political destruction.” 

While COVID-19 and the upcoming presidential election dominate the headlines, a global climate crisis continues. Regions across the United States have again been setting new heat records and many places are ablaze.

In a recent interview on “Showtime” Hillary Clinton advised that former Vice President Joe Biden, the socialist Democratic nominee for president, “should not concede” the election “under any circumstances” because she believes tabulating the results “is going to drag out.” 


The hits just keep on coming for the Atlanta Braves – that's both literally and figuratively speaking. Sitting atop the National League East Division, the two-time reigning champs will be limping to the finish line at this rate. Thankfully, the season is only 60 games this year. Otherwise, I…

Whenever days such as Sept. 11 or Dec. 7 arrive – those historically horrible days, those days that will live in infamy, I think of another day – a historically and personally awful day – April 14.


The Atlanta Braves may be short on quality pitchers during this shortened season, but appear to be long on capable hitters. Whether that transitions to a successful run in the playoffs remains to be seen.

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