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The other day I heard someone say the music you grew up with will always be the best music to your ears because it provided the literal soundtrack for the most enjoyable years of your life. If you think about it, that kind of makes sense. 

Let's be clear. No one has to get the vaccine. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states: "The federal government does not mandate (require) vaccination for people."

Five teams, two spots for the American League Wild Card Game, three weeks to settle baseball’s most competitive playoff race.

Recently my best friend from high school’s husband died of COVID. We all went to the same high school and hung out together. He kept fit, got his vaccines and took the normal amount of care. He went to our high school reunion where he was exposed to unvaccinated people and he let his guard d…


The journey has not always been the smoothest for the Atlanta Braves this year, but the path to another postseason is crystal clear for the three-time National League East Division champions.

We live in the most blessed country, during the most blessed time in history, but Americans are more stressed and depressed than ever. People have 1,000 Facebook friends but not five people they can count on in times of need. Suicide is up and church attendance is down.

Have you ever served someone who has wronged you, mistreated you, spoke badly of you or betrayed you? If yes, then you have, in essence, washed the feet of Judas.

This Jewish High Holidays season emphasizes the relationship between God and humanity, our dependence upon God as our creator and sustainer, and God’s dependence upon us as the ones who make His presence known and felt in His world.


On July 11, the Atlanta Braves were nearly an afterthought in the chase for the postseason. It was the final day of the first half of the season before the All-Star break. They had just lost their superstar outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. to a torn ACL the day before. The Braves were 44-45, had …

I am a civilian and have never experienced war. I am an American so that means that lack of experience is my choice. I do not live in a country that forces war upon me. 

This pandemic is not over. Georgia’s COVID cases, hospitalization and deaths increased in July 2021, and over 30% of families in our state struggled to afford usual household expenses. But federal legislation can help advance robust and equitable recovery, as long as lawmakers consider three…

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The Lowndes Vikings almost did the impossible against the Walton Raiders, coming back from a 28-14 deficit with 1:50 left to force overtime, but ultimately fell to Walton 34-28 in Saturday's Corky Kell Classic at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. 

While it would be interesting to see if we can corral people to the vaccine lines, the truth of the matter is that moving the needle on vaccination rates will not happen overnight (and some individuals will never opt for the vaccine). 

As an advocate for all dementias, my goal is to share specific details concerning a significant legislative bill in Congress.Statistically speaking, it is quite likely that you or someone you know, will be, has been, or currently is impacted by dementia. 

The MLB Wild Card picture is beginning to take shape, and with about a month and a half left in the season we’re starting to get a good idea of who’ll have the best chance to play their way into the postseason field.

It took long enough, but the inevitable finally occurred last week. The three-time National League East Division champions regained their rightly place atop the division standings for the first time this season. 

When did life become so cheap in the United States? Mass shootings happen almost daily. Six hundred thousand people have died of COVID-19. There’s a new pandemic among unvaccinated people and we are still debating mask mandates. 99% of those dying of COVID-l9 are unvaccinated. 


One of the hottest baseball debates was a no-brainer about a month ago. The National League's Most Valuable Player was an award destined to go to San Diego Padres phenom Fernando Tatis Jr. By the season's end, it may still be heading to the west coast. 

You ever wonder why so many people are disenchanted with our government these days, and too many of them are quick tell you that “you can’t beat city hall” and far too many of them have given up trying. 

Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election. How do I know that? He’s in the White House. I see him going about presidential business on TV. He is doing presidential things like giving the State of the Union address. He’s trying to get legislation passed.


The MLB trade deadline has come and gone, and boy was this year something else. Where usually there are maybe one or two blockbuster deals, this year saw closer to a dozen. With that in mind, here are the top 10 moves we saw in a trade season for the ages.


I take little joy in the words I am about to write. It is not easy to say. Coming into the year, it was unfathomable to comprehend that a team that had won three straight National League East Division championships and was a win away from capturing the N.L. Pennant, 106 games into this seaso…

What really happened on Jan. 6 when the Capitol was stormed? Without a 9/11-style commission, we probably will not know, but a consensus will form eventually from the bits and pieces we all pick up from the various investigations and media stories. Here’s my take on what happened.

I believe God speaks to His children in various ways. He went to great lengths to create each of us uniquely. There is only one you and one me, never to be another just like us. God knows everything there is to know about each of us, and He knows us better than we know ourselves.

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