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I had high hopes for Wikipedia. Having grown up with the Encyclopedia Britannica, I knew that its articles combined a fulsome array of factoids -- at least, those accepted in the historical moment in which its entries were written -- with a literary flair that gave the reader a three-dimensi…

Everyone has an opinion about the president or the governor, but the elected official whose decisions can influence your life more profoundly is your mayor, city council member or school board member.

The Valdosta Daily Times Donald Lambro doesn’t consider the alternative, in his Times article, July 31, to the Trump budget deal.

The Valdosta Daily Times Steve and Cokie Roberts Times article, “Bring refugees, sanctuary seekers here,” is credulous, deficient in informed judgment, naive. There are hundreds of millions of people wanting to get into the USA seeking asylum. How would that work out?

Some people say President Trump is arrogant, his tweets are atrocious, he insults and offends anyone who disagrees with him. He’s called a narcissist; but if so, fortunately he is a narcissist for America.

A humble carpenter’s son warned us that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” In an era of deep division within our country, we need some unifying perspective. Two family writings may provide this perspective.

In Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” a vanity cursed emperor is conned by a pair of weavers who convince him that they can clothe him in a magical cloth that can only be seen by those who are worthy of their position in life or are otherwise competent and not daft. 

Recently, members of the Alpha Company Georgia Army National Guard met at Ole Times Restaurant in Valdosta. We thank God we were able to come together to talk and fellowship with each other. We have talked about coming together for some time now.

The months of the Jewish year are called in the Torah by number only (the first month, second month, etc.) Over time, during the exile, the months assumed the names given to them by host cultures and thus “Jewish” months as we know them today are actually Babylonian in origin. These names we…

Listening to Cynde Strand describe what it was like for a journalist covering the mass protest and government crackdown in 1989 at Tiananmen Square was chilling. 

If we are lucky, we have a grandparent who makes an impression on us. The wisdom of age makes them great teachers. I was that lucky.

The Valdosta Daily Times Jim Zachary’s Times article, July 21, about being called a racist, is fair enough, but racist calling thrown around like a political football is being beyond the pale.

Here’s another round of applause for individuals and organizations doing great things in the community.

While more organizations seem to distribute book bags, notebooks, paper, pencils and other school items to students in need, Teachers Harvest prepares to help teachers meet needs from the start of school throughout the academic year.

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