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Valdosta State University students are returning to campus this week and while we are still not sure about the wisdom of in-person classes, we welcome them back with metaphoric open arms and encourage them to be safe. 


I'm sure it's a play that he's done countless times as a kid in little league, then in then minors and even during his short stint with the Atlanta Braves. Pitcher Mike Soroka has darted off the mound after a pitch to cover first base so many times, in practice and in games, I imagine he cou…

The Jewish community has just concluded a three-week semi-mourning period, in remembrance of the destruction of the First Holy Temple in Jerusalem 586 BCE., the Temple in 70 CE and later other historical events attributed to this period in Jewish history, including the expulsion of the Jews …

Shortly after I arrived in Valdosta in the summer of 1995, I heard about a man and his wife who were married in a little church new near here. 


One week into the Major League Baseball season and there's a lot to digest about this year's Atlanta Braves team. Some of it will leave you with an upset tummy and ready to turn the television to NBA 'Bubble' action or your favorite reruns on Hulu. Some of it will leave you content and think…

Murphy’s Law states that “if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.” It is a scientific fact that when we leave ourselves open for trouble to happen, it will. 

It is way too soon to know whether our region will be impacted by Isaias — the ninth named storm of 2020 — but certainly not to soon to sign up for weather alerts. 

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Do you treat Christianity as a spiritual buffet, going through the line of life, picking and choosing which principles you will practice, which commandments you will obey and which God-given assignments you will accept? 

As we have often reminded the public to protect against COVID-19 by wearing masks, social distancing, regularly washing hands and following all Centers for Disease Control guidelines, we would also remind readers to beware the heat.

Bunny was literally between a rock and a hard place. Her hiking group, the Mountain Marching Mamas, had come to a steep rock cleft on the Appalachian Trail, a challenging granite ascent that Charme, Ellen, Mary and Sylvia had traversed — but not Bunny.

It's been nearly a decade since Chipper Jones stepped into the batter's box as the Atlanta Braves third baseman at Citi Field – the home ballpark of the New York Mets and one of Chipper's homes away from home. The Hall of Fame slugger taunted the New York Mets during his career and continued…

The governor of Georgia has used his power to dictate that our cities and counties cannot mandate the use of face masks in public. He is also planning to sue the mayor of Atlanta. It is obvious that he is a very foolish person. 

When C.T. Vivian and John Lewis exchanged their crosses for crowns a few days ago, an astronomer beheld the night and said, “Two important lights were just extinguished.” 

Football is officially on deck, lost in the shuffle of never-a-problem hockey, always-protected-by-media basketball and always-destroyed-by-the-media baseball.

Have you noticed that society seems to be more accusatory and less tolerable of anyone or anything that attempts to hold individuals accountable to any semblance of civility? 

During my pastorate of the Family Baptist Church in Toledo, Ohio, I was also the director of human relations for the Toledo Board of Education. The chairman of my trustee board walked into my office one day and placed a check for $10,000 on my desk, and when I asked him what it was for, he s…

The sports world returns to a little bit of normalcy this weekend with the start of the Major League Baseball season. After all, the calendar usually belongs to baseball and the “Boys of Summer.”

On behalf of the Young Lawyers Division of the State Bar of Georgia, I would like to congratulate the attorneys and staff of Coleman Talley LLP in Valdosta for earning the top award among medium-sized law firms in the Ninth Annual Georgia Legal Food Frenzy competition.

If you figured the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick had to sign Joe Thuney to a long-term extension, thus keeping the talented offensive guard for the next half-dozen years, at an affordable rate and knocking down the $14.78 million cap hit in 2020, you were not alone.

As Mayor and Council have considered the issues evolving in our community, this correspondence comes in an effort to further unite and bring perspective to concerns that our citizens may be embracing. 

An important national election is fast approaching – as if none of us knew – and I’ve decided to do what I’ve made it a point not ever to do in print: Make a prediction. So, dear readers, fasten your seatbelt; it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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