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Now that Major League Baseball has implemented a 60-game schedule for the 2020 season, what can we as baseball fans expect? How about expect the unexpected.

Today, July 1, 2020, I read an article from the Valdosta Daily Times regarding the Valdosta police use of force incident involving Mr. Antonio Smith. While I will not comment on the actions of the officer, I am extremely taken back by a comment from City Manager Mark Barber which the Times p…

As they say, better late than never for Major League Baseball. 

On Jan. 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, announcing all persons held as slaves within the rebellious areas are and henceforth shall be free.


Last week's Major League Baseball draft was a wonderful moment for aspiring big leaguers around the world. It's an exciting phone call for a player to receive from an owner or general manager that they want you to be part of their team. You're also one step closer to “The Show.”

Of the answer to the article that appeared in The Valdosta Daily Times on Feb. 16, titled “Staying true to oneself,” I hope that I have given you God’s answer to this statement so far and hope that I will continue to do so in this article.

Several years ago, when my son, Billie, was just a baby, he was lying in his little basket net next to our bed. Suddenly he started crying. My wife said to me, “Floyd, the baby’s crying and it’s your time.” 

Major League Baseball (MLB) has a potential problem on its hands. How it responds to this latest adversity will impact how the sport functions both short term and long term.

“Having your hand wrapped in a bandage is not going to excuse you from this typing class. Once your bandages are removed, you will stay with me after school and catch up. In the meantime, you can learn to type with your right hand.” 

The DMV has been sending out letters to those who got their licenses last month, stating they must now take their driving test or their license will be revoked under order of the governor, who now says this was “always the plan” despite stating the opposite prior. 

We are cautious about Facebook for various reasons that include fake names and profiles, deep fake images, falsified information, fabricated stories and just plain old lies. 

Yesterday, I witnessed D.C. police fire on peaceful protesters in order for Trump to walk to St. John’s Episcopal Church and stage a photo op holding a Bible. 

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