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I read with interest the comments that were made in the Dallas courtroom by the brother of the man who had been shot and killed as he sat on his couch, eating ice cream and watching television. 

After watching Fox News Saturday night with great shows like Watter’s World, Justice with Judge Jeanine, Greg Gulfeld, who are a check on the biased press, it’s hard to believe the press are a check on the government when they slant stories to suit their own agenda; as going from reporting f…

We give and take advice on a daily basis. Yet seldom do you give advice to someone 200 years in advance. But when James Burns in Ireland wrote to his son, James, in America in 1796, I felt he was speaking to me today.

Since it is National Newspaper Week there is something we think bears repeating: Community newspapers are a great success story that needs to be told. 

It seems clear that President Donald Trump is likely to be impeached by the Democrats in the House of Representatives. An impeachment requires a majority vote of those present and voting after a quorum has been established. Once the vote has been taken on the floor of the House, managers are…

The late, great humorist and proud graduate of the University of Georgia, Lewis Grizzard, once indelibly entertained our community as the featured speaker at the Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce’s annual January banquet. 

All I can say is wow, at the amount of people from our community as well as many neighboring communities that came out to support the hard work of all of our kids.

It’s clear that Trump tried to bribe Ukraine President Zelensky, withholding U.S. military aid earmarked for Ukraine’s defense against Russia. Trump demanded political dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden (there is no evidence any exists) in exchange for this U.S. aid.

This time of year we join the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program in encouraging motorcycle riders to ride safely and urging all other motorists to be watchful of two- and three-wheeled vehicles on our roadways.

I was talking with a family member the other day and somehow the conversation turned to Facebook, as well as its use and misuse.

Recently, while trying to secure even more federal money (our tax dollars) to help with California’s homelessness crisis, Gov. Gavin Newsom wrote to President Trump. Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, replied on the president’s behalf. 

This country has been a place of refuge for those who were persecuted for their religious beliefs in England and other countries. Our forefathers shaped this nation to ensure religious freedom.

The answer to Dr. Michael G. Noll’s questions leading off in his article in The Valdosta Daily Times, Sept. 20, can be seen in the trucking and the train freighting of food-stuff into New York City where demonstrators are demonstrating.

Business cycles historically have long-term trends whole demonstrating short-lived ups and downs, yet continuing to move in one positive, negative or level general direction.

As we celebrate Clean Energy Week, we should also celebrate the strides Georgia is making in improving the lives of Georgians through a more diversified energy portfolio and the expansion of clean and renewable energy.

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