VALDOSTA — The loss of a traditional "homecoming" didn't stop Valdosta State University students from showing their Blazer pride. 

During the past week, otherwise known as "Blazer Week," students held a variety of events and competitions daily to keep spirits high. 

There was no shortage of activities for students, from food trucks to axe throwing. 

And what's a spirit week without a little friendly competition?

Madison Crisell, a VSU senior, said organizers opted for competitions that allowed for social distancing, such as a sidewalk chalk competition. 

"We have organizations out here ranging from student life to Greek life chalking murals," Crisell said. 

Participants were able to arrive early to claim the perfect piece of pavement for their masterpieces, most based on a theme of VSU pride. 

Other competitions from the week included a poster competition and a sheet sign competition. Winners from all competitions were given Blazer swag and, of course, bragging rights.

A bingo game gave students the opportunity to win $3,000 in prizes. 

There was even a bit of social media competition with themed days. Students were able to participate in a different theme each day and post on Instagram for a chance to win even more prizes. 

At the end of the week, students were scheduled to create a sort of "homecoming parade" but with golf carts. 

Students were slated to travel around in decorated golf carts, giving out candy to kids. 

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