Editor’s Note: Due to popular demand, every Wednesday in 2013 will be an all-rave column, with no rants.

How wonderful and encouraging it has been to read the increased number of “raves” in the VDT! It’s a new year with lots of government and personal uncertainty ahead. Why don’t we vow as a community to lift each other up? Let’s rave, rave, rave and become known as the town/community who stays focused on the positive? Come on ... accept the challenge!

Kudos to Bubba Jax Seafood located on West Hill Avenue (formally Old South BBQ). If you haven’t been, then you don’t know what you’re missing. It is the best seafood place around. Everything is cooked fresh and it is absolutely delicious. Hats off to Brian Banks and his employees.

Rave to the two men who picked up all of the trash from the Naylor Highway to the Valdosta Highway on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. It looked so good.

As I put away my Christmas decorations, I just want to write and say thank you to the unknown person that created a beautiful Nativity scene on the inside of a gourd. This prized possession was purchased a number of years ago at the Junior Woman’s Club Arts and Crafts Show. It has been my favorite Christmas piece and admired by so many people. Truly, a work of art. Thank you so much.

  I want to say thanks to Brittany, “the sweet little cook at Church Street Coffee in Hahira.” She always has a smile and a “Hey y’all,” everytime we walk in the door. The food is excellent and the great customer service adds a cherry on top!

Thanks to the Ray City Police Department for looking out for the kids by going on field trips, riding the roads to make sure no one is speeding, and for being at the daycare school, and visiting the schools.

Thanks to our neighbors and a kind gentlemen in our neighborhood on Friday, Jan. 4, 2013 — we were able to reunite a lost pet with her owners. It was the work of angels and am glad the little dog is back home. Thanks for caring enough to stop and help us out.

After returning from Walmart Sunday, I was called. Someone found my wallet and would not turn it over to anyone else, waiting for me to return. She politely refused my gift of money. I was so touched I cried. Dear lady — you restored my faith that good people indeed exist. I wish I’d asked your name. Thank you.


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