Why do so many people have to be so negative about things? What does it matter that Halloween was observed on Saturday and not Sunday? I think it was great that it was on Saturday and we could get the children to church on Sunday. Thanks for making our Halloween great in Lakeland.

Larry Dean, way to break the tackles record last weekend. You are the man.

I don't want to hear anyone complain about the level of trauma care at SGMC. Obviously no one wants better trauma care in South Georgia. Come on folks, $10 on your car tag could have saved a lot of lives.

A rave to the employees of Harvey's on Bemiss Road. No matter what time I shop there, they never fail to be courteous and helpful, and always greet me with a smile. Great job, folks!

I have always had respect for law enforcement but the officer directing traffic at new Pine Grove Elementary Wednesday was extremely rude to me as a parent. I was only trying to prevent an accident by pausing when he directed me to go because another car was already going around. You can respect me as I respect you!

Those who cut down the trees are laughing at all of us venting in the newspaper. They have already gotten away with it. One, contact your elected officials to let them know to get tough or get out. Two, take two minutes and go online to find the land owner’s name and address. Let them know how you feel directly.

Since none of our elected officials will stand up and oppose the biomass plant, let's have a countywide referendum and banish biomass permanently.

Why can't the City Council pass an ordinance to not sell treated wastewater for cooling the biomass plant? I bet that would shut it down quickly.

Why does the county pay someone a six-figure salary to go out and bring in a biomass plant that will stimulate the funeral industry? I know we need jobs but seriously.

Amendment 2 sounded good but voters of Georgia wanted to know who, their actual names, was paying for the full page ads. Who specifically was backing the big sales job. Where the tax money was going i.e. specific locations and why was this an issue sprung on us all the sudden that had to be dealt with quickly.

Thanks to the corn maze family on exit 13. It was lots of fun in the daytime and scary fun after dark. We will be looking for you next year!

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