Why do you care so much about someone else not paying their student loans? Pay yours if you have any and mind your business. Or if you're so worried, you can pay theirs too!

Obama’s vacation back-and-forths to Hawaii over the holidays are costing the taxpayers over $7 million. If a Republican president had squandered our hard-earned dollars in this manner, the mainstream media would be going berserk.

Someone asked the difference between Republicans and Democrats: That won't fit in 60 words or less. Fiscally, "conservatives" understand that money is the people's on loan to the government, whereas liberals think the money is the government's, on loan to the people. Then there are all the social issues. Then there are all the moral issues.

I know two local law enforcement officers who speed and drive aggressively off duty. Their hypocrisy is amazing. This does not make the police department and sheriff's department look good and it should be addressed. On the other hand, rave to a VPD officer I saw in his squad car who was driving carefully and following the rules.

Following all the vehicle "upgrades" due to Christmas, now would be a great time for VPD to enforce the loud music laws. The bass is aggravating.

Depending on your Christian denomination, Christmas doesn't necessarily end on Dec. 25. For example, Episcopalians celebrate until Jan. 6.

Did you stop to think that the officer pulling over a taxi may have been talking to someone who had been verbally abusive? Just because they rode in a taxi doesn't mean they didn't do something wrong.

If we are going to ban guns, rifles, pistols, etc., because someone used it in a negative way, then let’s ban crow bars, screwdrivers, knives, cars, telephones, computers and steel-stoe boots. All of these things have been used in a negative way also. If guns kill people, then forks make people fat and pencils misspell words.

Special thanks to the person who anonymously treated my sister and I to breakfast at the Waffle House during the holidays. Thank you!

To help catch thieves, find and write down the serial numbers on anything in your household. On bikes, it is usually on the bottom of the crank case (where the pedals are). All large electronics have it on a label. The police can use this information to help solve cases and return your item to you.

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