It’s a shame that Hahira City council has two councilmen that have their own agenda and don’t have the responsibility to show up for council meetings as scheduled. They should be reprimanded for their unexcused absence since they inconvenienced many Hahira citizens who took time to show up for the meetings.

Councilmen not showing for a council meeting, what a disgrace! You are elected to serve in office, not to hold up an entire city’s progress. My vote is to have both of you out of office!

Way to go, Valdosta City Schools. Thanks for showing that you notice the hard work from your teachers and everyone involved.

I would like to thank our administrator at J.L. Lomax and all others for a wonderful surprise celebration. It was a wonderful way to say thanks!

Hats off to the Echols County Sheriff's office. Keep up the good work.

To the person who said letting the Vikings practice at Bazemore-Hyder Stadium was a disgrace: Lowndes would have done the same for them. Thank you, Valdosta Schools. Both schools represent this community so well.

People often complain and rant because they feel helpless. “Doing something about "it" is not as easy as it sounds, particularly if your just cause is a small, but important, issue.

When I was paying rent, part of my rent went to property taxes. I now own property and when I rent it out I will figure the amount to cover my property taxes.

I have read the article today on improvements for VHS which I think is great considering my child goes there. The only thing they did not mention are the restrooms which need to be remodeled and kept clean with soap and toilet paper which they do not do now. Please put this on your list for remodeling.

It is a sign of respect to wish people of different faiths a Happy Holiday season. It amazes me that people who profess to be of a certain peace-loving faith want to force their faith on everyone else. I think they need to study their good book a little harder.

To the person ranting about the Vikings practicing at Bazemore Hyder Stadium. Have you ever heard of good sportsmanship and community support? I am a Wildcat fan who is very proud of the Vikings. Way to go.

Good grief, we're going to have to implement a law against "RUI”: Ranting Under the Influence. Don’t drink and dial, people.

The Second Amendment does not give you the right to take up arms against the U.S. government, regardless of whether you think Abraham Lincoln or George Bush is a tyrant.

I think it’s time for Lowndes County to do away with this volunteer fire department nonsense! Given the population size of this county, it’s past time to have implemented a fire tax and hire more full time paid firefighters than what we have now.

I don't think Lowndes County needs to spend $700,000 on a new fire station/fire headquarters. Why not use this money to employ full time firefighters? At the given pay rate of the two firefighter you have now, you could hire an additional 25 paid full time firefighters with this money.

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