To thank Mt. Zion Church, and Clyattville election pollers for their hospitality Tuesday. Our Clayttville election poll had electrical problems and had to be moved at the last minute. Here’s to a job well done, Thanks to all of you.

It is shameful for South Georgia Medical Center to send a “debt collector” letter to all their customers. Receiving a statement from a debt collector is insulting. I have never been late on any payment in my life. I don’t need a threatening sounding letter to send you your money on current charges!

I’m tired of reading want ads that require 100 years of experience and five college degrees then say the job pays less than $10 an hour. Employers, you can’t have it both ways.

“When was the last time a poor person offered you a job?”  If we are not careful, we are going to end up as extras in a bad remake of “Soylent Green.”

I so stand behind Arizona as the illegals have already started to flee. If we don’t do the same thing in Georgia we will have even more illegals here.

HEROES:  The actions of Chris Lunger and Derrick Taylor saved the lives of a husband and wife couple involved in a hit and run motorcycle accident in front of Rock N Rodeo early Saturday morning. Gentlemen, we thank you.

Rave to Mr. Robbie at Park Avenue United Methodist Church. Thanks for the great music camp and all of the hard work from everyone who made it possible. Thank you for loving my child and taking care of her at Camp Do Re Mi! She can’t wait until next year!

As a resident of Brooks County, I find it odd that we had 979 absentee ballots. We only have 16,000 residents and this number seems quite large.

The Teacher Harvest is a great idea, but it should be available to all teachers. I was there the other day when a teacher was told that she could not participate because she taught at Hahira Middle School. I really felt bad for this teacher, and I do not believe that any teachers from our area should be turned away just because they teach at a certain school. All teachers should be treated the same no matter where they teach. This program is wonderful for teachers, but they should not exclude anyone.

 If you’re a young lady over the age of 12, don’t chew gum in public. Our hostess at a restaurant the other day was a beautiful young lady, except for looking like she was chewing her cud nonstop.

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