I noticed that one of our mayor/council goals was to “pursue public transportation.” I agree, they should pursue the bus leaving town and take it. Public transportation is a taxpayer’s sink hole. They never make money, only suck up taxes.

 Stimulus funds seem to suffer from poor distribution planning in South Georgia. The Teen Work program promised way more jobs than it delivered and some teens still have not been paid. The rapid rehousing program has had only one staff person and now Fresh Start, which has been available in Atlanta since May, has frustrated eligible applicants by adding a big program to an already busy agency.

When we welcome Harvey’s to Hahira, we can say good-bye to some of the mom and pop businesses who have served us faithfully for years. All we need is a Wal-mart to put the rest of locals out of business.

 I resent taxpayers funding lame-duck, councilman Eunice’s recent trip. Will we also have to pick up the tab for his education? Wait! He went to VSU, we already have!

I was against school consolidation until it became evident that the systems could care less about keeping holidays somewhat aligned. They just have no idea how difficult they make it for businesses, their staffs, and Moody, who have to deal with both schedules.

Am I keeping up with the Berrien County Republican Party Facebook page? No, I’m afraid I’ve missed that--I have a life!

To the person making comment about the paving in Georgia I was talking about the paving just before you get to interstate 10 not that sorry stuff they are doing in Lowndes County drive down there and look.

Thanks Ms. Pat at Brookfield for being a caring and wonderful person. We love ya!

People please pray for our country. I don’t think we have many God fearing men or women left in our nation.

The Valdosta Daily Times  needs to go back to printing in the paper the way each of our representatives vote in Washington D.C. especially the bills they slipped through at midnight.

I would like to know why there was that many police officers  dispatched to a home invasion? That seems ridiculous to me.

A huge thank you to Dr. Bill Martin and his veterinary staff. You were so compassionate during the loss of our beloved pet. I wanted to  let everyone know what a wonderful group of people you are.

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