To the person saying we now live in a dictatorship, remember as long as you are able to say what you want on the public forum, and do not have to worry about the Men in Black knocking down your door and making you disappear, you still live in a Democracy.

Was there no one in attendance at Representative Austin Scott's meeting who passed high school civics or elementary school math? The House of Representatives, not the President, is responsible for the federal budget. If Scott won't vote to increase taxes or decrease military spending, where is he going to come up with the money to balance the budget? The only other big pot of money left is Medicare...

Not all businesses can afford to accept credit cards. There are a lot of fees associated with those transactions. I for one am thinking of getting rid of my credit card machine at my business. It's getting too expensive. On second thought...maybe I'll just raise my prices. Are you happy now that I take credit cards?

Facebook is nothing more than a gossip media. Why must you post of the death of the student before the family knows? It could be your family.

Please save a life by adopting from the animal shelter. They are depending on you. Also, there should be a law against breeding for money. Poor animals.

President Obama is not going to take your guns. But the gun sellers sure want you to think that.

Valdosta City Public Works. It is 2013! Create a web link for special pickups. An answering machine that leaves us no clue when you will come is useless!

Bikers should wise up and realize we can't stop in the middle of the road for them or even see them until it's too late. You are risking your life as you know it and taking a lot for granted.

To the person who makes erroneous reports to the authorities about our horses. Our mare was lying down because she colicked. We walked her all night praying she would not die. Colic is serious. Since you have a problem with the way we treat our horses, stop by and tell us. You've been wrong every time so far.

Horrified by the rumor mill that is Valdosta. Word is released that a student is deceased and you all act as if we're discussing reality TV or something. I'm disgusted by you. I've heard so many stories by people who think they know what happened. You are sick.

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