I saw in the paper Sunday that Valdosta High will be getting a new school. I think that is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money, considering that the school has had so many renovations. Please reconsider this.

If you go to a fast-food restaurant for take out, especially one of the chicken places, you may want to count your order. I've ordered a 10 piece at one place and a 12 piece at another. It turned out I got a 9 piece and an 11 piece. This wasn't the first time it happened where I got the "12" piece.

I see a lot of people in the classifieds looking for loving homes for their unwanted pets. I realize some of this is legitimate, but the rest of you need to be a loving home and have your pets spayed or neutered.

My heart goes out to Kendrick Johnson's parents. We must discover the truth about his death, and it is time for the sheriff to start talking, and for those that know something, step forward. This death and the way it has been handled and the death of Trayvon Martin, sadly show that racism is still rampant in the South. I am ashamed.

While I'm sure some people go to the football games to watch their children toot their horns, the majority are there to watch football. Don't get hurt because someone cares more about the game than about your child playing the xylophone.

I agree the Bridgemen deserve praise but I think they get it! When do they not get a standing ovation? They are the heart of the games. They play rocking stand music and start breaking it down, the crowd gets fired up. I have to admit, though, they almost let the Colquitt band outdo them.

Who is the person authorizing all of the shutdowns of all of the veterans memorials and parks? I have a feeling it is starting from the top.

The City of Valdosta needs  to do its part in making  Valdosta glitter. I will vote for SPLOST if the city invests  in a street cleaner and get the city cleaned up.

I have voted for SPLOST every time, but unless there is a change in management, it will not get my vote this year. Tax money was spent for a camera system for viewing traffic online with SPLOST funds. They were removed or turned off. Reason told to me is that they were used to help rob banks, but banks and stores are still being robbed. Mismanage my money for 20 years, shame on you. Mismanage it for six more, shame on me.

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