Did you know that 92 million Americans are not working now? A large percentage are male, bread winners, and our president is busy filling out his basketball bracket?

The city manager, all of the city department heads, the mayor and most of the city council have been in office for many years. The sewage treatment plant was built in the mid ’50s. Since then, the Valdosta Mall, many high rise hotels, big box stores and new subdivisions have been built, expecting the plant to handle all this sewage flow. There is a great need to clean out city hall by holding these people accountable.

To the lady that pulled out of Flash Foods onto Northside Drive on March 20, at 9:20 a.m. in the grey Nissan: Do you even realize how lucky you are that the driver in the white Corvette was able to avoid what was sure to be a very bad wreck? As I passed you, you were still texting. Wake up people — put your phones down when behind the wheel. Next time you may not be so lucky to come across such a good defensive driver.

The new policy allowing colleges to ban tobacco products does not require the ban be enforced. A recent survey found nearly half the student body opposes a ban while most other students feel the current policy should actually be enforced. I hope Dr.

McKinney took those surveys seriously and really thinks about implementing any new policies.

Has anyone thought about how long this sewer issue has been building and why the officials didn't do the right thing 10+ years ago? You can't fix something overnight that took years and years to create. Thanks, Leon and Larry. We citizens appreciate your mistakes!

Twenty years ago when I moved to Valdosta I told my wife the timing of the traffic lights was terrible. There are professionals whose jobs it is to fix this. It saves money and time. Seems like the "good ol’ boys" want to keeps things on par with the past.

Many of the traffic lights are on a loop system. If drivers would not pull beyond the white line the loop would activate and change the light. The lights work just fine. Just a simple fact for those that don't know.

To our city, why not require that rental properties have a clause/statement for rental property lawn care maintenance? Add that extra $100 or so a month to the cost of the rent to begin with. Have the lawn service under contract and when rented the task is being handled.

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