I must say that the new dog park and all of the additions at Freedom Park are far and above what I expected. Those of us who find pleasure in things other than eating out and shopping really appreciate your efforts. My experience tells me that you had a real dog fight keeping an Olive Garden from being built there.

I say thank you to all the drivers who use caution around runners and cyclists out on our roads. Thank you for respecting our lives enough to slow down. We really don’t want to impede traffic or hinder you. When you get frustrated, remember, it is your proud community leaders who force us into your path.

Where is the daily crime report? Lots of people read it everyday — please bring it back.

Learn online instead of going out of town on vacations with our tax money. Our mayor went too, not only Mr. Eunice. We need to clean house, put the ones in that are honest and not greedy, if there are such people left.

When the criminal element don't respect the police, then they see everyone else as easy game. Just look at what happened in Tampa. God bless their souls. Someone needs to tell the chief you can't be nice to most criminals, because they see it as a sign of weakness. Get tough on crime VPD!

I'd like to commend Johnna Pinholster on the very well written article about Donnie Tucker and Gary Castleberry's device they have designed to stop the BP oil spill in the Gulf. He has been contacted by a company from Austin, Texas, that is helping with the oil recovery efforts. Maybe something good will come from it and the oil spill will be stopped by two local guys.

If the justice system was as solid as it's supposed to be, then we'd have no massive manhunts.

Why do people feel it necessary to go bogging after a rain? You might not realize it, but you are tearing up roads that families live on! Now there is a good possibility we  won't be able to get out on our road tomorrow due to your “fun.” Thanks!

As a Val-Del Road resident the crimes happening in our area are very unusual indeed. We should all be careful to always have our doors locked even during the day. I thank the sheriff’s office for working so quickly in our area.

Kids can text message with the cell phone in their pocket, not even looking at it. What makes people think that the police will catch anyone.

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