Now that school has started, each school system should be held accountable for each child who boards a school bus and does not have a seat to sit. Kneeling or standing in the aisle of a school bus while moving is not safe. Please provide enough school buses or adjust your routes.

A ranter said the biggest political obstacle Obama has overcame is the GOP's endless push for Obama's defeat. Disturbing that fundamental "politics" suddenly eludes you. One side bashing the other. Especially after the endless bashing Obama gave and continues to give Bush. More disturbing that you feel Obama should now be exempt from politics.

Parents, the school driveway is not a race track, especially on the first day of school. Slow down when leaving. If you were late for work, you should have had someone else take your child.  

You want the VDT to make a pull-out calendar, spend all that extra money, so you can keep track of the art events? Here's an idea. Get your own calendar out, write down all the events and then you won’t have to keep track of the paper. Problem solved.

I had to laugh at the rant about Mr. Romney as a private citizen not needing to disclose his private financial and tax status. Do you think the time to find out about our elected officials is after they are elected? Did it ever occur to you that may be a little late?

I, too, agree that something at the end of the football game would be nice. Even if they let the opposing football team perform their half time show. I go only to watch the band, so at half time I’m out of there.

What's up with the new principal at Lowndes High School? Taking away a long time tradition — taking away the Plowboy Dance? He also says that he may take away my senior's prom if the students don't behave at the homecoming dance. Isn't that the chaperones’ responsibility, to make sure that the students are behaving? Rules — yes, dictatorship — no!

Not all high school transfers are because of sports. My kids have several classmates who transferred to VHS because of IB, a rigorous academic program.

Shame on the City of Valdosta for penalizing residents for not cleaning their yards. Who is going to penalize the city for not cleaning the railroad track that crosses Forrest Street?

Wheelchairs aren't free. Who did you want to pay for it?

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