School buses are required by law to come to a full and complete stop then open the door to make sure no train is near. If they fail to do this, it is a $5,000 fine. This is done with children’s safety in mind. I’m sure safety is more important than a little inconvenience to you.

The city drive-through payment center needs better customer service on their time limit. It is so slow.

I wish the city would check the street lights coming off Exit 16 and Exit 18. Half of them are not working. I am sure the  citizens are paying for them.

I would like to rave about the group of young, Christian men from House of Grace Church in Cook County who helped me fix my flat tire going to the mall. What an awesome group of young men. We still have God-fearing people. Thank you very much.

It never fails when you are watching a good football game and Mediacom goes out in the fourth quarter. We need something done.

Thank you to Ms. Beth at Harveys supermarket in Hahira. I had a problem at another store and she went above and beyond  to help me. I think this is great customer service. Thank you, Ms. Beth.

Some people must not read the paper or watch the news. Thank you, The Valdosta Times, for allowing the public to be aware of the mayor's wrong doing.

I am thankful the rules are for bus drivers to stop at all RR crossings. It could save a lot of our children’s lives. Electronic equipment can fail.

I do not understand how the accounting department for the City of Valdosta did not know Mayor Fretti was double dipping, but Roy Taylor did. Are there others that need their reimbursements and per diems checked?

Knowing that litter clean up is coming encourages littering. All the groups picking up after litterers, and the lack of litter fines, enables littering, makes it grow. More and bigger fines is the best way to make Valdosta glitter. Fined litterers should clean up their trash. Wearing pink vests, with ‘Glitterer at work’ on it.

Will the dog owners on Triple Lake Drive please keep their dogs on leashes or in closed pens? This is a never-ending situation with owners and animal control, that only ends up with people being hurt.

To the one who wrote "judge not, least ye be judged yourself," aren't you judging by writing this?

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