I agree with the ranter who questioned the strange holiday schedule for the recycling centers and attendants. Fact: Two days off but having to work a full day on the 24th. My thoughts on Christmas Eve will not be taking out the trash but I will be getting ready for Santa. Why not Saturday and Sunday? Makes more sense.

I only tip a server if their work has been pleasant. If not, you can forget it. I will leave a dollar at best if I have had problems with them refilling drinks and such. If they do not meet the minimum wage required by law between their wage and tips, it is up to the employer (by law) to make up the difference. So don’t complain about people not being tipped.  

Oh those wacky conservatives are at it again. My goodness how they hate President Obama. The ranter who posted “the idea of free citizens and free markets doesn’t work, and never worked” has taken this out of context. Government oversight and regulation is necessary to keep the global giants from swallowing up the little guy.

Why is it that some people constantly put down the pride we have in our local sports teams? What is wrong with strong support we give the children in this community? Valdosta is not a big-time city. We do not have attractions and other things to do like in Atlanta, New York or L.A. So, I encourage all citizens of Valdosta to support our local schools.

Writing on a public forum about something you obviously know very little about is a sure sign of your ignorance. Real estate values are required by law and audited by the state to be within a certain range of actual sale prices. If you still don’t like your taxes, complain to someone about the millage rate.

I hear there are plans in the works to build a new Valdosta High School. I suggest they relocate on the Vallotton Farm property on Bemiss Road. They could then sell the current school to VSU as an east campus or Georgia Military College to expand their school.

I love the Olive Garden restaurant. It’s some of the best food you can get around. Now it’s going to be here in Valdosta. What a blessing. To the people who are sick and tired about the Olive Garden talk that’s been going on: They’ll be the first ones in line when the restaurant opens up.

Is Olive Garden supposed to make Valdosta civilized? I thought Starbucks did.

A big rave to Lake Park United Methodist Church’s choir and skit team for their beautiful Christmas performance last Sunday, Dec. 11.

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