As a Nationwide Tour professional golfer focuses on his shot from the fairway on 18 Thursday, he won’t be the only one able to go green.

In an era of increasing environmental consciousness, even a trip to the golf course can be effective in helping out, thanks to Veolia Environmental Services, Veolia Tech Solutions, and the South Georgia Classic.

Veolia Waste Management will be at the South Georgia Classic Thursday for E-Waste Recycling Day offering one free day pass for anyone who brings a used cell phone, old computer parts, monitors, printers, television sets and lamps.

“We’re just excited to have Veolia be a part of this tournament,” South Georgia Classic Tournament Director Stan Fillion said.

An employee of Veolia will be set up at the visitor’s parking lot to guide recyclers to where they can receive their pass.

“Visitors to the event will be instructed where they can bring their recyclables at the main gate,” said General Manager of Veolia Environmental Services A.J. Rodgers.

The partnership came to be when Veolia approached the South Georgia Classic for sponsorship opportunities. Several other golf tournaments had done similar recycling ventures with the PGA, and Veolia thought this would be a perfect opportunity to both get involved in the tournament, and bring their business to a new market.

“There was an E-Waste recycling program offered at a golf event out on the west coast, and it was very productive,” Rodgers said. “We’re trying to spark interest in the E-Waste recycling to determine where we can take this in the future.”

Currently Veolia Environmental Services has been involved in waste management in the area for years, such as Kinderlou Forest, and has a landfill on Pecan Row. Their sister company, Veolia Tech Solutions is currently in Tallahassee, Fla. and the two are looking to bring E-Waste management to Valdosta.

“The culture shift in the solid waste industry, has been regenerating the recycling focus,” Rodgers said. “We found it a natural fit to partner with our sister company in promoting another facet of the recycling initiative here in Lowndes County.”

The tournament begins at 7:25 a.m. with Miguel Angel Carballo, Michael Bradley and Geoffrey Sisk teeing off on hole No. 1, and Arjun Atwal, Jason Schultz and Hunter Hass going off of No. 10.

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