VALDOSTA — Valdosta Board of Education members want to be paid a salary.

The proposal was brought up by member Warren Lee, leader of the benefits committee, at the regular meeting Tuesday.

“Board members now have more responsibility put on them than ever before,” Lee said. “I would like to see us discuss it. I’ve been kicking this can down the road for a long time.”

Currently, the nine board members are paid a per diem allowance of $50 each every time they attend a meeting or school board function, which is funded through local school tax funds.

Now, they’re asking for $300 a month, which would come from the same source.

“We know it’s an increase,” Lee said. “However, consider it a small minute increase compared to other boards in our area. It doesn’t amount to a whole lot of money.”

It would also be easier for bookkeeping purposes, board member Stacy Bush said, when being paid a monthly salary as opposed to payment per meeting or function.

None of the board members expressed any disdain to being paid a monthly $300 for their school board duties.

It will be an action item come the next city school board meeting June 11.

If approved, the change to a $300 salary would take effect in the 2020-21 fiscal year. 

Katelyn Umholtz is a reporter with the Valdosta Daily Times. She can be contacted at (229)244-3400 ext. 1256.

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