VALDOSTA -- It's not just Memlon Williams' smile that gives him a striking resemblance to Al Roker. His bursts of enthusiasm are enough to convince someone he may be related to "America's most beloved weatherman."

In fact, it was because he's often been told this that the Valdosta corrections officer knew he had to enter the look-alike contest at NBC's "The Today Show." Little did he know he would win.

"About two years ago at church, this guy asked me if Al Roker was my dad," Williams said. "I told him no, and he just said, 'Yes, Al Roker is your daddy.'"

So when he sent in his video submission for "The Today Show" Double Vision contest, he needed no assistance naming his entry.

"I affectionately named it 'Are you my daddy?'" Williams said. "I said, 'I'm going to give it a shot."

Needless to say, Williams received a phone call from "The Today Show" to notify him he was a finalist.

"I screamed and ran through the house jumping up and down," Williams said. "My wife (Sandra) was a little more stable."

On Oct. 29, a news truck from Atlanta and a producer from South Carolina appeared at his Valdosta home for a live feed on "The Today Show," in which he spoke with Roker.

"He asked me how people react to me and how the inmates react to me now," Williams said.

A corrections officer at Valdosta State Prison since 1990, Williams said they have more smiles for him.

Williams, who usually works the night shift, said his job has "turned his life upside down," causing people to ask him why he's always so happy.

"I say 'I have life, I have family and I've got my freedom,'" Williams said. "Al Roker and I have the same personality. I'm always upbeat."

As the winner of the look-alike contest, Williams has spent the past couple of weeks preparing for his television debut on Wednesday at 7 a.m.

Williams went to a local optical center to get dummy glasses similar to Roker's and went with a shorter hairstyle. His daughters, 15-year-old Elizabeth Ann and 23-year-old Nikqwan, disagreed a little with the new style.

"My daughters didn't want me to cut my hair," Williams said. "They kept saying, 'You don't look like him'."

During the broadcast, Williams said he will appear in a sketch with Roker. Other than that, he's not sure what else to expect from his fame.

"He just told me, 'We're going to hang out,'" Williams said.

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