VALDOSTA — It looks like J.D. Rice and Scott James Matheson will face off in a run off to be Valdosta's next mayor. 

Election results in the Valdosta City election are still not official but Wednesday morning numbers released by the election office indicate Rice garnered 34.5 % of the vote to Matheson's 24.9 %. 

Nether candidate reached the 50 % plus one vote threshold to win the race outright. 

The latest numbers indicate Rice received 2,172 votes compared to 1,568 for Matheson. 

“I’m exhausted," Matheson said. "The machines were a disaster."

The runoff is a funny coincidence for Matheson.

"J.D. Rice and I ran into each other at 7 a.m. in a Walmart parking lot back in February and thought we might go to a runoff. It happened.”

Rice was equally tired.

“They called me at 3:30 this morning," Rice said.

"I’m excited. I want to thank the voters. Both those for voted for me and who voted in general. I hope to see them on Dec. 3. It's a lot to ask but it’s critical to get out and vote to help the citizens of this city.”

Provisional ballots have not been counted but are not expected to significantly change the results including to election officials. 

David Sumner appeared to be out of the running at 21.8 %, while Kevin Bussey came in at 17.1 percent and Brooks Bivins 1.57 %.

All results are unofficial until certified by the election commission. 

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