Elitism, the belief that certain groups or classes deserve preferential treatment or reserve the right to control how we live, is an idea we Americans detest. The United States has no ruling class, and the Constitution reaffirms that all of us are on equal footing, guaranteed a say in how our government functions.

However, if you took the time to chart local voting patterns, one could assert that in some cases, Lowndes County gets its marching orders from a select few.

Don't believe us?

Then consider the fact that an important issue like the Special Purpose Local Sales Tax was decided Tuesday by a whopping 10.43 percent of the county's 48,294 registered voters.

The 1-cent sales tax passed with 3,345 votes, with 1,668 people voting against it.

This SPLOST will raise a maximum $112,076,119 over the next five years, $63,435,083 of which will be received by the Lowndes County School System and $48,641,036 of which will be received by the Valdosta City School System.

But only 5,013 people felt strongly enough one way or the other to cast a vote. The other 43,281 registered voters of this county, who, we might add, will also be paying this sales tax, didn't think the matter merited a visit to the polls.

We're disappointed at the voter turnout. We would like to believe that Lowndes Countians as a whole take their civic responsibilities seriously, but we can't make that argument when 89.57 percent of the local voting public shows such apathy.

If you aren't happy with the passage of the new tax but didn't take time to vote Tuesday, it's too late to complain. You had your chance to speak, and didn't.

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