ADEL — Three people in Cook County have pleaded guilty to various crimes, and collectively received a total of 32 years in prison, according to the district attorney.

• Jaylin Sharpe, 22, pleaded guilty to a shooting incident from 2016 and also pleaded guilty to a related gang charge, Alapaha District Attorney Dick Perryman said in a statement. Sharpe was convicted of aggravated assault and of being a member of the Bloods criminal street gang in the commission of his crime, the district attorney said.

Sharpe received a sentence of 20 years with the first five to be served in prison. Upon his release from prison, Sharpe will also be barred from entering into or living in the Alapaha District counties of Cook, Berrien, Lanier, Clinch and Atkinson. He will also be under a curfew and will be subject to special probation conditions related to the gang offense he pled guilty to last week to include not being around other known or suspected gang members, Perryman said.

• Charly Hathcock, 32, pleaded guilty to charges connected to the smuggling of methmphetamines into the Cook County jail in 2019, the statement said. She was connected to a group using Bibles to smuggle meth into the jail, according to Perryman.

Hathcock got a 30-year sentence with the first seven to be served in prison. Upon her release from prison, Hathcock will be barred from living in or entering Cook, Berrien, Lanier, Atkinson and Clinch counties, the statement said.

• Nathaniel David Day, 23, pleaded guilty to charges connected to under-age sexual relations in 2017 in Cook County, Perryman said. Chief Alapaha Circuit Judge Howard McClain sentenced Day to 20 years in the Georgia prison system.

"I am proud that these people are being held accountable for their actions and they will spend years in prison to pay for what they have done. It has been and continues to be a priority for my office to protect our community. The Cook County Sheriff's Office and the Sparks Police Department did excellent work in investigating these cases," Perryman said.

Terry Richards is senior reporter at The Valdosta Daily Times.

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