Teen launches live bait vending machine

Submitted PhotoChristopher Keshawn Horne launched his vending machine company called Ga Boy Baits in Adel, and in the first 24 hours, he was told his machine was completely sold out and needed to be restocked.  

ADEL – Christopher Keshawn Horne is a 17-year-old junior who decided to launch his own business with support from his parents. He sells live fish bait and tackle out of a vending machine.

Horne set up his vending machine Thursday, Feb. 25, and by the next day was told his machine already needed restocking. The goal of the business is to offer anglers live bait 24/7.

Christopher Keshawn Horne Sr. and Candice Horne, the teen's parents, are helping him run his business, they said, because their son is still in school and constrained on time.

Horne Jr. told his parents he wanted a vending machine to start his own business. They briefly wondered what he could sell out of the vending machine until they realized his dad had a product that could easily be supplied.

Horne Sr. said he is an avid outdoorsman and has always raised his own live bait for fishing, such as worms. He said he is happy to be the supplier for GA Boy Baits while also helping with the operations side of restocking the vending machine each time it runs out. All live minnows and worms come from what Horne Sr. raises himself.

Horne Jr.'s parents said it is important for them to teach their son life lessons about being a man and demonstrating to him how important it is to start thinking about what he wants for a career.

"We always tell our son we want him to have a career and not a job," Horne Sr. said. "We don't want him to feel like he is stuck at a job. We want him to know anybody can do anything and there is no limits, so long as you put in the work to get there."

The vending machine will offer live minnows, worms and other bait and tackle options. Horne Sr. said the machine is designed to store and dispense live bait and has features that keep the live bait at proper temperatures.

Horne Sr. said the water for the minnows is treated differently than the water customers would get from the average bait shop.

South Georgia Graphics did the design work for the GA Boy Baits vending machine and the Hornes are pleased with how it turned out, they said.

The vending machine is outside Buddy Dukes gym, 126 N. Burwell Ave., Adel. Horne Sr. said he has restocked the vending machine since initially selling out.

Visit GA Boy Baits on Facebook.

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