QUITMAN — If things keep going smoothly with the filming of “Spook Bridge,” the locally produced movie could finish principal photography ahead of schedule by the end of August.

Roy Kirkland, one of the filmmakers, knocked on wood. He doesn’t want to jinx anything.

Who can blame him for being a little superstitious. The movie is a fictional account based on a real and legendary landmark near the Brooks-Lowndes county line.

A place called Spook Bridge by the generations of South Georgians who have claimed it is haunted. The abandoned bridge has been a tempting lure to trespassers and the curious for decades.

Yet, Kirkland, fellow filmmaker Doug Sebastian and their RKDS Entertainment & Media cast and crew have been granted permission to film at the bridge by Brooks County officials.

Kirkland had just finished meeting last week with the Brooks County Sheriff’s Office which agreed to let the filmmakers use three squad cars, the filmmaker said. The cars will be driven by actual deputies for the film. The real deputies will be joined by actors dressed in deputy uniforms for the scene.

Brooks County has welcomed the film with open arms, Kirkland said.

The filmmakers received permission to film an early scene at a plantation on Brooks County property.

For another scene, Kirkland needed a service station. He had met a man a few days earlier. The man had offered to help with the movie. Kirkland called the man and said he needed a service station for a scene. The man offered a name and phone number. Kirkland had his service station.

For another scene, Kirkland needed 15-20 people as extras. Again, he called a person he’d met only a few days earlier, told her what he needed, and Kirkland had his 15-20 people.

“Everybody in Brooks County has rolled out the red carpet,” Kirkland said. “The sheriff’s office, county commissioners, county administration, businesses, everybody. We’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

Through the Valdosta-based RKDS Entertainment & Media, Kirkland and Sebastian have filmed movies locally, including “Grandma’s Blessings,” “Crazed,” and the yet unreleased “Battle of the Cursed: The Two Kings.” They also produce the Internet program, “The Oh, Roy Show!”

“Spook Bridge,” the movie, touches upon legends surrounding the highway bridge that has been closed for several decades but will draw mostly upon a fictional story stretching from the South of 1916 to the early and mid-20th century when the span was first built and traveled to the abandoned bridge of more modern times.

Kirkland said the local cast and crew are dedicated to the project and passionate about the work. The cast and crew are working for no pay.

Meanwhile, people keep sending photos of themselves on Spook Bridge and sharing stories surrounding the bridge.

“We’ve never seen anything like it,” Kirkland said.

More information: Visit www.SpookBridge.com.

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