VALDOSTA – Jennifer Chance has her hands in all areas of the Southern Pediatric Clinic.

As office manager, Chance supervises staff while assisting them with billing, organizing and guiding them through their daily roles.

“I enjoy helping people,” she said. “It’s like a puzzle, and I enjoy putting puzzles together and staying busy and organized.”

Chance is one of 18 staff members, including pediatrician Dr. Charlene Blache.

Blache opened Southern Pediatric Clinic in 2005 in Quitman, Chance said. The practice moved to its Northside Drive location in Valdosta in 2013.

“This Valdosta practice started growing more and more so she decided to close the Quitman office and leave everything here in Valdosta,” Chance said.

The clinic has grown to have more patients and providers, she said. On average, the clinic serves 60-90 patients per day depending on the season.

Services offered are well visits, respiratory clinics, obesity clinics, immunizations, sick visits, allergy testing and more. Patients served are 18 years old and younger.

Care is Blache’s number one priority for her practice, Chance said.

“She cares about her patients,” she said. “She loves to get involved with the community. She prides herself on that, and she wants the babies to be healthy.”

Chance said as long as the patients are happy, staff at the clinic is happy.

Occasionally, patients become suicidal so the clinic is looking to start A Positive Light. This program will assist patients dealing with troubling times, Chance said.

“(It’s) kind of like a little care package to let them know hey, we are for you,” she said. “You might not feel it at home, you may not feel it at school, but if you need someone to take to, we’re here. Call us, we’ll get you the help that you need.”

The clinic has 15 exam rooms.

Alongside Blache is Dr. Kereese Gayle-Farias, a pediatrician, Virginia Cochran, certified pediatric nurse practitioner, and Nalitia Zow, certified family nurse practitioner.

Southern Pediatric is open 8:15 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:15 a.m.-noon Friday. Call (229) 241-0059 for more information.  

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