REMERTON — Members of the Remerton City Council met Monday to discuss plans for joining the Greater Lowndes Planning Commission and implementing a new cleanup assessment to businesses in the restaurant and bar district.

During Monday’s work session, City Manager Brian McDougal asked Council members to consider a responsible member of the community who could represent the city on the Planning Committee. McDougal said the representative will serve as a provisional member and should be someone familiar with city and community concerns.

“As a provisional member, the individual will not have voting privileges, but he or she will be able to participate in discussion. We want to get someone who will stick with it and hopefully, after serving for some time, we can gain more influence,” McDougal said.

Council members will make a recommendation during Thursday’s regular Council meeting.

McDougal and Council members Richard Miller and Scooter Hines organized a Bar Owners Association meeting recently to discuss cleanup plans for the Baytree Place area and future activities scheduled by bar owners.

For quite some time, the city has been considering ways to keep the active bar and restaurant district clean. Bar owners had initially agreed to maintain their own areas, but Council members said that efforts to actually do so were minimal or unseen.

In an effort to present a clean and welcoming environment, the city hired a private vendor to attend to clean the area each weekend. After reviewing the long-term costs of those services, the Council decided to make bar owners partly accountable for assisting with the cleanup fees totaling $6,500 annually. The city proposed charging the five bars in the district a cleanup fee of $1,000 and agreed to pay the remaining $1,500.

Although Council received no opposition from bar owners concerning the fee, requests were made for the fee to be assessed in small increments monthly rather than an annual lumped sum. The city will vote on implementing an $84 cleanup fee to each bar’s water bill monthly during Thursday’s meeting. The Council said in the future, any surplus from the fee will be directed toward making improvements in the area such as putting in new, modernized trash receptacles and benches.

The Bar Owners Association will continue to meet with McDougal and the Councilmen monthly to discuss upcoming entertainment events, provisions for patrons and other future enhancements in the area.

Mayor Peggy Siefert, Hines and McDougal recently returned from the Mayor’s Day Conference in Atlanta held Jan. 20-23. The group had opportunities to meet with Gov. Sonny Perdue, state representatives and city officials from all over the state. Hines attended the conference for the first time and shared some of the highlights of his trip with the board.

“I was able to attend economic development classes, and I had seminars on parking and transportation. It was really beneficial and motivating to me because I was able to see what other cities are doing and get a vision of what we can also do here in Remerton,” Hines said.

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