for Oct. 4, 2001

Not feds' job

"Why is the federal government bailing out airlines that were in trouble before Sept. 11th? They wouldn't bail us out. The airlines use all the fuel and raise our gas prices. A train can take a thousand people across country on 350 gallons of gas, an airline takes 350 people on a thousand gallons of fuel. Any 'federal police force' at airports should be paid for by the ticket purchaser, not our taxes."

Way to go

"I would like to rave about the Lowndes High football team. They came back from a loss and didn't let it affect their next game. Way to go, Vikings!"

Fast workers

"I would like to send a very loud rave about the people on third shift at the mail room for getting out our papers on time on such a constant lately. Not long ago you had to wonder if you'd have your paper with lunch instead of breakfast. Thanks for the great job!"

Columnist fan

"To the pitiful person who called in about Sharon Randall needing grief counseling, it sounds to me like you need counseling yourself. Ms. Randall is a good columnist. She writes fantastic human interest stories, and I look forward in reading them."

Nurses thanked

"Thanks to all of the nursing staff on the third and floor floor and intensive care for the good care they gave me while I was in dialysis for 15 days. Thanks a lot guys. Also thanks to Dale Clemens in ICU for the good care you gave me with dialysis. God bless you all."

Disunited states?

"To all the people who think the nation has come together, they are more apart than they have ever been."

Bemiss misses

"Bemiss is going to be dangerous until construction is finished, and that will be a while. They rearrange the cones more than they do any work."

Band parent

"I am a very proud parent of a band member at Lowndes High. I want to say hats off to these hardworking group of students!! You guys are the greatest. We are very proud of you keep up the good work!"

Pull Boondocks

"It's time to pull the plug on the comic strip, 'Boondocks.' On Oct. 2, he shows the character Huey Freeman sending an e-mail to Congresswoman Lee '... to express my deep gratitude for your courage in your lone stance against Bush's warmongering.' Warmongering? In case the cartoonist hasn't noticed it was our country that was attacked! I find his attitude to be unconscionable."

Useless person

"What kind of sorry, worthless trash would stoop to steal an American flag from an American with pride? At least someone shows what America is made of. As to the low-life, I hope you realize how useless you are to society!"

Beautiful story

"That was a beautiful story on Dateline about the heroes on Flight 93. It is a story of typical Americans sticking together. We should all be very thankful each and every day to be Americans!"

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