for Feb. 14, 2002

Try their job

"I live on Orlando Drive and am retired and disabled and would like to say the sanitation workers do a fantastic job. If the person who called in had to work in their shoes one day, for the pay they receive, she would be singing a different song."

What's up?

"I think taxes support the local school system, SPLOST and the lottery money does as well. The school programs fill football seats to capacity and yet the Lowndes High baseball camp can't provide baseball bats at tryouts. What's up?"

Blinded Reese

"I like most of Charley Reese comments. However when it comes to Yasser Arafat in Israel, he has been blinded. I would like for him to talk to Cal Thomas, and maybe he will learn a thing or two about the truth."

Missing bill

"Why is it we can't get a farm bill signed before March? Is there anything more important than feeding ourselves or seeing that American farmers know what we can plant and when?"

Lake litigation

"The 55 property owners in Lakeland should file against USFWS for the value of Banks Lake. When they win, USFWS could hand over the lake's ownership. After all, didn't USFWS flood their property without easement for 20 years? That would get them out of there!"

Turning lanes

"Why did the city of Valdosta put a left-turn lane on West Alden going south on Jerry Jones but did not put a left-turn lane going north at the same intersection? I live a short distance from that intersection and can barely get out of my driveway from 3 to 6 p.m. daily and weekends because the traffic is backed up to the next corner due to the stupidity of the city in not putting a left turn light for both ways."

Hahira blessings

"Thanks to Ms. Powers, fourth grade teacher at Hahira Elementary, and the school nurse for helping my daughter with her diabetes. She has had a lot of problems keeping control of it. They have been a big blessing to my daughter."

Be thankful

"In response to the ignorant individual complaining about the handicapped parking, you should be thankful you can walk. Some of us have difficulty doing this simple task."

Good example

"Thank you to Ms. Evelyn T. Smith for making the newspaper aware that an African-American from our community has served at Ground Zero."

Special thanks

"A special thank you to Ms. Betty, Dion and the garden center employees at the old Wal-Mart who helped me last Saturday night when my husband had a very serious low blood sugar attack. They got him an ambulance, cookies, blankets and other things."

Rescuers ready

"Late Monday night, my vehicle broke down at the intersection of Perimeter and North Valdosta Road and was assisted by a fine man named Keith Smith and a very professional and courteous Valdosta police officer. Much thanks."

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