for May 1, 2002

Political entities

"Let's not forget the Catholic Church is not only a religious institution but also a political one. As a result, corruption is bound to be present because of both factors. The Protestants are no less guilty and should work on reforming their own institutions instead of pointing fingers at the Catholics."

Stupid-free day

"This is the first day (Monday, April 29) that I can recall that there was nothing stupid printed in rant and rave. It's about time, Valdosta. Let's try to keep it that way."

Pro-choice nation

"What a great country we live in! We have the freedom to choose everything. We can choose our faith, schools, and we have the right to choose if we want to kill our babies by abortion. If you choose the right faith, then the choice is made for you when you are blessed enough to have a baby grow in your belly."

Lighten up, VSU

"I think the VSU campus should be better lit. I think they're on the right track to having a safe campus by having emergency phones and police escorts, but more lighting would make a lot of the students feel safer!"

Catholic bashing

"To people bashing Catholics because of sexual abuse by priest to young children, other churches do the same thing but the media are attacking the Catholics. Please refrain from it. It is anti-Christian and offensive."

Positive priests

"I would like to rave about Ron Wayne, the editor of TheValdosta Times, for saying positive things regarding priests. They help the poor, help the sick, and they minister to the infirm."

Special care

"Special thanks to Shana Bentley, David Sands, Clint Rogers, Mary Nelson and Dr. Clifton for the professional care I received when I was at SGMC last week when I became very ill. God bless you all."

Don't lump fans

"While I agree that drug use should not be tolerated at concerts, I think it is unfair to categorize all Widespread Panic fans as druggies. I'm drug-free and love Widespread Panic, and my friends and I enjoy their concerts without being under the influence. Please rethink lumping everyone into one category such as drug users."

Foreign lager

"My wife and I went to happy hour in Remerton for $1 domestic beer and they told us Samuel Adams, which is brewed in Boston, was not domestic. I guess either Boston or Valdosta is a foreign country and their beer has to be imported.

Turning left

"Why do some Valdostans choose not to use the turning lanes to make a left turn and simply turn wide from the through lane? Is it a vision problem, ignorance or rudeness?"

Good job in Lanier

"Hats off to Mr. Yancey and Mrs. Hamm for doing an excellent job at Lanier County Elementary School. We have had a wonderful year with the Renaissance program. It is a real encouragement for the children at LCES."

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