for August 1, 2002

Private business

"City employees have access to all kinds of information about citizens from police reports, blueprints of homes, amount of property taxes a person pays and even how much money your business made last year. I think they should have to keep it confidential unless someone files the appropriate request. I don't want them being allowed to put my business on the street whenever they feel like it!"

Not so right

"To the person who said things are done the 'right way' up north: I guess you're right in some cases: rudeness, lack of morals, and poor manners abound north of the Mason Dixon line. Thank goodness we Southerners aren't able to get those things 'right.'"

Courtesy leaders

"KFC on Ashley Street has got to be the nicest, friendliest people working the drive-through. Even if they get my order wrong, they are so polite, I don't care. I think some of the other drive-throughs in Valdosta can learn a lesson from them. Whoever taught them to be as polite and courteous as they are is doing a good job."

Germ paranoia

"I heard a scary radio commercial today, and became concerned about how far companies would go to sell their product, even if it hurts the society as whole. The ad was about a lotion that kills germs on contact, saying that its use on daycare age children cuts infections. Common childhood diseases build protection against future infections. By making children germ-free, we are only making them more vulnerable to infections. Ask your pediatrician before you fall prey to these scare tactics."

Africa needs help

"Concerning the writer on providing help to the continent of Africa to fight AIDS. The United States had no problems taking from the continent when it sought cheap labor. For more than 100 years, the United States got something for nothing. So stop your bellyaching and give something back to the continent. Help fight AIDS. It will never make up for what this country did to several countries on that continent.

City can compete

"The cable and Internet service in Valdosta is horrible and overpriced. I hope the City Council goes forward with investigating and getting into the business. The City of Tifton went into the cable Internet business and resulted in a lot lower prices for the customers. People who are complaining must be the people who are running the Internet service and cable now."

Tired of Tucker

"I am tired of Cynthia Tucker and her left-wing agenda. I am tired of her calling our president a liar, and I am tired of her opinions."

Fashion setters

"A special thank you to JC Penney, Katherine Kidwell, and all of the models with Amanda's Models for making the Back to School Fashion Show such a success this past weekend. The models were so polite and professional."

Not my job

"In response to 'Secure nation:' Yes, the Oath of Enlistment does say to defend the Constitution. But it does not say to defend the people or the land, that is the job of the police. I don't see cops getting called up to deploy in time of need. We are working hard enough, stop trying to make us do someone else's job."

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