for July 7, 2001

Outside view

"I disagree with the person who thinks the superintendent should come from within the school system. I think we need a superintendent, male or female from another system. If we bring one in already in our school system, we will have favoritism, and all sorts of things going on. Let's find someone from a large school system from out of town."

Free dinner

"My husband and I recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We had dinner at the Outback. We were talking with another couple. When we asked for our dinner ticket, the waiter said it was taken care of. Complete strangers to us and we would like to thank them very much. I think they were from Atkinson County. Thank you."

Barnes to rescue

"Be for certain Gov. Barnes will respond to your request. I have had cancer the second time around. I could not get any help, but Gov. Barnes gave me hope and lead me in the right direction on getting some help. I am a mother and grandmother. I had something to live for even though Medicaid would not help me, I got the help I needed, thanks to Gov. Barnes."

Big thank you

"We would like to say a big thank you to Rita at the Dollar Tree! It is nice to see someone in retail who actually appreciates the customer! Keep up the good work!"

Baileys inspire

"I really enjoyed the article in the paper about Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Bailey. If more people will take lessons from these two, we will have a better community. They are such a great representation for our city. They are wonderful."

Pack your bags

"I think a 50 percent raise for the commissioners and mayor is ridiculous. They certainly don't deserve 50 percent. They might as well pack their bags if they vote yes."

Proud of USA

"Recently I took my grandchildren to see the movie "Pearl Harbor." I am glad I did. It is a movie of love and freedom. I am proud to live and be in America. I am grateful for the ones who paid the price for all of our freedom. God bless America."

Good doctor

"Thank you to Dr. Nancy McNair for all the wonderful work she does with the patients, caring and being a real human being while taking care of the patients and being extremely confident. Thank you to her office staff. They are also wonderful."

More fatalities?

"How many people will it take to be killed at the intersection of 84 and Perimeter Road before the Georgia State Patrol will fix the problem at that intersection?"

Why so high?

"On a 1,200-mile trip this past weekend, I filled up with gas before leaving Valdosta, then I bought gas in several other states. I bought gas in Martinsville, Va., for $1.09 a gallon. Their non-brand gas was even cheaper. When I returned to Valdosta on Sunday, I found gas has actually gone back up just in time to rip off vacationers for this weekend."

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