for Oct. 3, 2002

Friendly cashier

"I am a cashier at one of your friendly local grocery stores and I have a problem with rude customers when I always have a smile on my face trying to please all of you. I understand that there are rude cashiers out there but I am not one of them so it will be appreciated if you will show the same respect that the friendly cashier is showing to you."

Student rights

"I am a student of Lowndes High School and the one thing that they need to change is the dress code. The teachers get to wear what they want. What about the students' rights?"

Fallen trees

"Doesn't this city have a tree ordinance? It makes me sick to see the number of beautiful old trees that have been destroyed at the site of the old Valwood school. Is this the price we pay for progress?"

Great performance

"Congratulations Open Bible Christian Junior Class for your excellent performance on Friday night. You really deserved the standing ovation you received."

Parking lawsuit

"Why don't the students at VSU who have been ticketed or lost credit, pool their interests and file a class-action suit against the college to reimburse them for parking tickets, and for classes repeated due to parking inadequacies?"

Quality first

"VSU and Valdosta should realize that bigger is not always better. VSU should turn away students if there are not adequate facilities to handle the present load. Quality should take precedent over quantity."

Empty shelves

"Keep complaining about the trains and truck drivers, but I don't want to hear a word when you go to the store and see empty shelves because your products weren't able to be transported to the stores."

Get a move

"I agree with 'Annoying train.' The folks on the tracks are as slow as molasses in Vermont in the wintertime. Do I have to get my pin-striped engineer's hat on and move them along myself?"

Right decision

"Hurray for the planning commission denying the hotel request next to Wild Adventures. That is a residential area and doesn't need a motel. I hope that the planning commission does the citizens of south Lowndes County the same courtesy when voting on the rezoning request to bring a race track right to our doorstep."

One Reese fan?

"I know that there is only one person calling in raving about Charley Reese's column because there couldn't be two people in this world who are narrow-minded and ignorant enough to think Charlie Reese's liberal and ungodly column is worth reading."

Airmen thanked

"We do appreciate all of our armed service people in Valdosta. We can't thank them enough for leaving family and friends to go off to war or to go somewhere to make sure there is no war. A big thank you, and may God bless you."

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