for Feb. 5, 2002

Don't call police

"Dogs in their own fenced yard do not bark to hear the sounds of their own voices. They bark when their territory is threatened by outsiders who are either roaming dogs, roaming cats or prowlers. Crimes and vandalism in Windsor Park are not a problem. Call the dog catcher, not the police. Call the people with the roaming dogs or roaming cats."

Football IQ

"The people on the committee trying to find a coach don't know anything about football, how can they tell what is best for the kids?"

Rant priorities

"I may not have an IQ more than 50 but I have more important things to rant about than Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King Jr. holidays."

Wallet returned

"Thank you Temeka with Lane Bryant's clothing store who returned my wallet which was lost with more than $600. I am so thankful. God bless you."

Forget Monica

"If the terrorist attack of Sept. 11 would have happened while Clinton was in office, the Monica Lewinsky case would not have been a big deal."

Pray for children

"Can you please tell me what is wrong with those Bush children, the president's and governor's daughters? What is wrong with those children? We have to pray for them. God bless them all."

Safety foremost

"Hats off to the Lowndes County deputies and the Lowndes County bus drivers who escort our children to and from the JV and varsity basketball games. Safety is their utmost concern for our children. We really appreciate your efforts."

Street talk

"Many intersections are missing needed left-turn lights and the traffic lights are not sequenced correctly when moving up and down Patterson and Ashley streets. The corner of Ashley and Connell Road needs a left-turn light in the southbound lane."

Cable compete?

"The government took Microsoft to court for monopolistic practices, yet here we sit, on the verge of finally getting MSA status, and we are restricted to one substandard cable service."

Math helper

"My child attends J.L. Newbern Middle School and has always had trouble in math before this year. I would like to give kudos to Mr. Brantley for helping my child succeed. Mr. Brantley is a God send.

Faith in others

"Thanks to Rodney and Janice Lowery for finding my money in a First State Bank envelope in Harvey's Supermarket on Bemiss Road and returning it to me. It is very nice to know there are still honest people in this world."

Funeral food

"We buried a loved one last week and we told our preacher and family, no food please. Well isn't it amazing, when there is no food, there are no visitors either."

Think again

"I think the article from Joan Ryan was most timely and very informative. The Bush bashers will have something to think about after they read this article. Old Slick Willie is involved."

Flags missing

"Why doesn't VSU have flags on their helmets and uniforms? All the other teams seem to have flags on their uniforms and helmets. Maybe they will play a little better."

Cable choices

"Charter Communications have got to be the sorriest cable company I have ever been subjected to. During Super Bowl, we can't watch the Super Bowl because the cable has gone out. Something should be done. We should have choices on the cable company. Cable companies should not be selected for us."

Quiet down!

"I go to the Valdosta public library often to study and do research and the people there are just too loud. Please show some respect for those of us who use the library for what it is for. Whisper! It is the library."

Forget Mariah

"The rendition of the national anthem Mariah Carey did at the Super Bowl was the worst I have seen it done since Roseanne Barr sang it in San Diego. Let's have a real voice out there. Let's look at the amateurs. They sing it better."

Christian stations

"For the person complaining about not having a Christian radio station, WJEM 11.50 AM is the greatest, tune in.

To the person looking for a Christian radio station, turn your dial to FM 101.1 and if you don't like that, turn your dial to 810 AM Solid Gospel."

Banquet helpers

"The Lanier Sports Banquet thi

s past Thursday night was really beautiful with the flowers and decorations. Everything was just gorgeous, and I am sure the children appreciated it. It was a lot of hard work and it was just beautiful. Thank you for giving something so wonderful for the children."

Protest fee hikes

"Since Mediacom has taken over Valdosta, it is continually going up on cable prices. Everybody should complain, write a petition or drop their services to let them know they just can't raise their prices and people should just take it."

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