for Tues., Nov. 26, 2002

Proud American

"I have lived in South Georgia most of my 65 years and have never once flown a Rebel flag. I am an American and fly an American flag and always will, weak or united. Praise God for this wonderful country and the freedom we have to express ourselves here."

Lure of big cities

"To the Ranter who suggested that people stay here instead of moving to larger cities like Atlanta: First of all, most of the people (like myself) who move away are young, single and have college and graduate degrees. In a town where the opening of a drug store makes front-page headlines, do you honestly think there is enough industry and business in this town to offer a job market competitive enough for them? Also, being young and single, a town that could offer a little more night life, entertainment and culture is also a plus!"

Election explained

"Barnes did nothing. He divided this state, took money from South Georgia to pay for anything Atlanta wanted, passed bills to benefit Atlanta. He cared nothing about the rest of Georgia. The only reason the flag is changed was because of crybabies in Atlanta. Sonny had better understand Atlanta did not elect him, Georgia did. We don't want to vote on the flag. We want it back now."

Belting children

"I was driving today, like any other day and I see two adults with seat belts on, but the child is pinging all over the front and the back of the car! Carseats aren't just a thing. They are there for safety of the ones you are supposed to love! You can pop their behinds and make them stay in their seats, like I do, or you'll be burying them and then you won't have to worry about a car seat!"

Dismayed fan

"I agree with the bitter Falcon fan. We are in Georgia. Mediacom, why do we have two Fox channels from Florida? I nearly pay $80 a month and can't watch Falcon football. This is ridiculous."

Kudos to LMS

"Lowndes Middle School had Cultural Diversity Night recently, and it was fabulous. What a nice way to teach the students about other countries. Thank you students, parents, and teachers. It was a real success."

Thanking farmers

"Farmers are getting paid less in 2002 than they got paid for the same crops in 1980. Farmers get a decrease in pay. Everyone else gets raises or they go on strike. If the farmers were to strike like baseball players or football players, what would we eat? You should THANK every farmer that you meet."

Please clarify

"It makes me wonder what are the criteria the VDT uses to select all those Rants and Raves. I've seen some which I consider offensive, and yet I've sent some which were quite elucidative and they never were published."

Subsidies needed

"Farmers may take government payments because their crops failed this year due to circumstances beyond their control. Welfare and government payments are two very different things, and honesty has nothing to do with it. Without farmers, you would not have anything to eat or to wear. Without those government payments farmers would not be able to continue in business, much less support a family."

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