for Jan. 30, 2003

Real weapons?

"I see another poor student has become the victim of a 'weapons' charge. A 2-1/2 inch knife or nail clippers? What about an 8-inch pencil, a 6-inch pen, a drawing compass, wire-rings from notebooks, baseball bats, tennis racquets, tire tool in their car, etc.? Look at the individual, don't label kids criminals just because they carry some minimal instruments!"

South rises again

"The flag issue is not going to just fade away and die. It is going to beat as long as proud people of the South have a heart beat. You give an inch then someone comes and takes a mile ... we were told the issue was over then look at all the Democrats coming out and trying now to totally destroy and erase Southern culture. This is why we must fight even harder."

Many questions

"Why was there standing water in a ditch? Were there no drains? Will this be present when the weather changes? What about West Nile? Who is responsible and what can be done?"

True Christianity

"I am a Christian and I attend church regularly. Sadly, just because a person goes to church they are not necessarily a Christian, and it is truly sad the way some people who attend church treat others. I may not agree with someone else's beliefs, and I'm not going to tell that person I agree with them, but I pray that it can never be said that I treated a person badly, differently, or even refused to be their friend because of their beliefs. Jesus never did that and a true Christian wouldn't either."

Use our facility

"It is funny how the Valdosta/Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce wants events to come to the conference center and spend dollars at the restaurants and hotels but when they have a retreat, instead of using our fine facility, they go and carry our tax dollars to another city. Why don't they use the facility we have they have put in place for others?"

Too bad for Martha

"I am sorry for Martha Stewart who has lost $400 million. I will be glad to help her with my 1.4 percent increase on my Social Security."

American rights

"This country was built on freedom, that includes to pick your child's name. My last name is Polish and no one can pronounce it until I tell them how to pronounce it. Why is this any different with a first name? In America, you are allowed to name your child anything you want. That is part of our freedom."

Page appreciated

"Thanks to the VDT for including the World of Wonder educational page in its newspaper. As a homeschool family, we look forward to this weekly edition in our studies and would like to incorporate it in our studies. Thanks a lot and we look forward to it next week."

Necessary searches

"The drug searches at Valdosta High were necessary to get these children help and to remind students why they are getting an education. No children are bad apples. These children just need help, and I hope that the community will support and make sure these children get the help they need."

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