for May 30, 2002

Freedoms endure

"I would like to say thanks to all of our troops serving in the U.S. Military. Especially those serving overseas. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to rant and rave."

Capital rodent

"If it looks like a rat, smells like a rat, and acts like a rat, it's got to be Roy Barnes."

No longer safe

"It is dangerous to ride without a car seat for small children. To the person who said they never had to use them, that was then and this is now. There are so many more dangers than in 1960. Grow up!"

Partisan play?

"Apparently rail crossings are a bigger story than a political rally for The Valdosta Times according to the placement on your front page. Maybe if it would have been the Democrats rather than the Republicans, it would have been more newsworthy."

In appreciation

"Thanks to all the parents who remembered their children's bus drivers on the last day of school with the flowers, cards, or just the thank you was very much appreciated."

Wonderful year

"The kindergarten graduation at Faith Christian Academy was wonderful. Thank you students, teachers and Mr. Bell for a great year."

Bad sound system

"Berrien High School had their first graduation class from the new high school Friday night, the PA system was so bad, we couldn't hear anything. Isn't this a shame for a school that cost millions of dollars?"

Stupid survivor

"Beltless survivor in Monday's paper should be brainless survivor. Anyone who does not wear a seat belt or does not buckle in a child has to be a complete idiot and I certainly would not brag about it in the paper or even to my next door neighbor."

Reason to worry

"I think it is a good idea for people to be concerned about obesity. It is a major cause of health problems. I think it is wonderful that someone is concerned. Something really needs to be done especially with our children. I teach school and it is a really big problem."

Wrong scenario

"What is wrong with this picture? I have been told to spend or hide what little money I have and then apply for Medicaid before I can get into a nursing home."

Forgotten flags

"I noticed the nice Memorial Day service for the veterans at Sunset Hill Cemetery, but Riverview Memorial Gardens forgot to put the flags out for the veterans."

Mail service

"I do appreciate the Post Office but I learned that no mail leaves Valdosta on Sunday. I think we pay enough postage to expect a pick up service at least at the main post office seven days a week. And they are going up on postage again?"

Deserving award

"Thanks to Steve and the staff at Harmon Trophies for the fine job they did for me. Thanks a whole lot and God bless you all."

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