for Feb. 28, 2002

Honor for Parks

"After seeing a show on Rosa Parks, she was such a courageous person; could we name a street or school after her?"

Payback time

"Why are some so defensive about their big church? Maybe they are sour about the thought of having to increase their contribution to pay for the million dollar structure."

It's my life

"Don't tell someone to get a Christian life! That person can choose whatever lifestyle he wishes. Obviously, you're the kind that's going to call him lost and damned until he becomes Christian, but that's your problem."

Blessed to dress

"When I came up, my grandmother made my clothes out of flower sacks. God has blessed me and I don't think he still want us to wear that when we are blessed. When I go to church, I am not trying to out dress anyone, but the Lord has blessed me and now I am wearing better clothes."

Sorry choices

"The Valdosta Daily Times always pick the sorriest front page news. There are so many important things happening in this country and abroad, and VDT seems to ignore it. You need to think big or your circulation Valdosta will never grow."

Adjust lights

"Has anyone else noticed the traffic light on the intersection on Patterson and Park needs to be adjusted? Eastbound traffic has to sit through about three traffic light changes before crossing Patterson Street particularly between 8 a.m. and lunchtime. The light stays green for about 15 seconds, just long enough for about three cars to get through the intersection."

Soothing sounds

"I would much rather hear a baby cry in a restaurant than to listen to what these people call music playing in the background."

Reach out

"I'm a member of a church that I have not attended in a couple years, for the fact that I felt alienated by the other members. In those two years, I have not received any visits or phone calls, only letters requesting my donation to their building fund. I love Jesus, and I'm not knocking the faith. I just wish the churches that are building would reach out to the people who don't go!"

Unsafe religion

"Here is another voice of experience, now in my mid-40s: My life was severely damaged by unsafe religion, and never by unsafe sex. Unsafe religion means, the pin-headed, so-called fundamentalist holy rollers who are so neurotic and emotionally disturbed that they are afraid of basic human sexual activity, proclaiming that 'sex is sin' and other such unnatural nonsense."

Pricey college

"You say that the VSU workers should go back to school so that they can make more money. Don't you get it? It takes money to go to college!"

Pastor's right

"A preacher has every right in the world to turn away couples, whom he does not know on a personal basis. It is his right to not only refuse but insist they be counseled before marriage."

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