for Nov. 6, 2002

Apathetic freshmen

"As a parent of a VHS freshman, I would like to thank Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Marjorie for all of their help in making the homecoming float. It is any wonder that the freshman even had a float with hardly no help from the students. And to those students who showed up to make comments or to ride on the float and did not help, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves, we are."

Great job, players

"Lowndes fast pitch softball; congrats, you did it. You went further than any team has in our school's history. Thanks to Coach Dickey, Coach Broad, Aunt B, and Coach Baker. Thank you girls for making our season exciting."

Short skirt needed

"Cheerleading is just a simple way to boost the confidence of the players and the skirts are not that short. Who wants to do a cart wheel in a knee-length skirt? I know I didn't. Just because there are some perverts out there does not mean you need to take cheerleading away; most girls get college scholarships from cheering and education is important, right?"

Pastor thanked

"Thanks to Tony Howeth, pastor at Bemiss Road Baptist Church for the Matthews Banquet. I enjoyed it so much. His sermon, the congregation, the food were wonderful."

Don't close doors

"It is so funny how the doctor's offices will call and hound you about making a payment. Then when you finally get paid on the first of the month, the office closes without a warning just because the doctor was out. It was not appreciated. Stop pestering for payment if you will not be opened during business hours."

One-way streets

"OK already, we give up. Please one-way Ashley and Patterson streets, anything to get this traffic moving freely.


"More than half of the problems that occur in schools today happen because parents are not teaching their children respect in the home. If parents would do this, then the teachers could teach and not have to spend their time disciplining students, and then SAT scores would improve."

Distinction needed

"Vikings, Vikettes. What a piddly thing to fret about. Have you considered the fact that the difference in names is exactly what distinguishes one from the other? And when game results are printed we know which one is which!"

Great day

"Hats off to Pastor Kendrix Gardner, Sheree Roberts and Brother King who did a wonderful job putting the carnival together this past Saturday. Thanks to everybody who donated time and food. It was one of the greatest days here in Valdosta."

Color irrelevant

"It seems to me that people forget that the Haitians were attempting to be illegal entries in our country. I do not care whether they are white, black or in between. They don't belong here, put them on a boat or plane and send them back to Haiti. This goes for another illegal immigrants that attempt to enter this country and does not follow our laws."

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