for Sept. 18, 2001

Leave earlier

"In response to the 'Finish work:' A person said that they were late picking up their children. A solution is to leave earlier."

Heavy books

"To the Quitman Elementary School, I thought the purpose of the children having a rolling book bag is if the book bag is too heavy to carry. They need to lighten the load or let the children roll their bags. My children have come home from school and I lift the bag and it hurt my arm because of heavy books."

Bad decision

"I think it was pretty messed up Valdosta that didn't have to go to school and Lowndes did. It should have been a day of mourning because of the tragedy."

Gas terrorists

"Terrorists strike in New York and Washington, so what do the oil companies do? Of course, raise the prices of gas. Way to go guys."

Stand tall

"In light of Tuesday's tragedy, most rants do not seem so important, do they? Let us pray for our world, put aside our differences, and stand tall and proud as American people. God bless America! Home to us All!"

It's no hotel

"For the person who doesn't like the food in jail, if you don't like the food in jail, stupid, don't go to jail. It is not a hotel you know."

Give it up

"If we can give up a day of school, why can't we give up a night of football?"

Enjoyed flag

"I would like to commend you on the printing of the American flag. That was very thoughtful of the newspaper to do that. Thanks."

Travel help

"Thanks to Jarret Broomeburg from Executive Travel for getting my husband home from Philadelphia. You and your staff did a great job. Thanks a lot."


"Thanks to the cleaning lady at the Post Office in Nashville for recovering my billfold I left there. Thank you."

Move ahead

"I am very sorry for all the things that have happened in our nation but I don't see a need to put all of our lives aside, games, jobs, etc. We must go on and keep up what we have been doing."

Don't cancel

"How can we go on with our lives when every other channel is talking about what is happening in New York and Washington? You are canceling everything there is to do. This is not the American way. How can we go on with our lives?"

God's help

"I would like to rave that we have a Christian president leading our country now and not the lying, cheating one we did have especially now with all the terrible things happening to our country. President Bush needs the guidance of God at this time."


"I think the new phone book is a conspiracy among eye doctors because I cannot read it."

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