for March 26, 2002

Gospel thanks

"Thank you to Benny Daniels and his wife, Carolyn, for what they did during the holidays for me and my grandchildren. God bless both of you. And thank you to St. John's Church to Father John and Father Marvin, Sister Margaret, Sister Pauline and Sister Rebecca. God bless you all."

Wallet thanks

"Thanks to the person who on March 9 found my wallet in the theater parking lot at the mall and turned it into the theater office. Thank you very much. I believe you are one who lives by the golden rule. Also thank you to the young lady at the theater who called to tell me my wallet was there. Thank you."

Column thanks

"Thank you to Charley Reese's column in Wednesday's paper. It was articulate, intelligent and truthful. It is about time someone had the guts to stand up and say what a lot of us feel. Thank you, Charley Reese."

Reason up in smoke

" To the people criticizing the one who wrote in about smoking being banned in restaurants and saying its just like fast food, well it's not. You choose to eat fast food, we non-smokers cannot choose to stop breathing to avoid your cigarette smoke. I think you can wait for two hours to have a cigarette."

Liquor's quicker

"To the person bringing up the beer billboards, if you look closely you will also see a liquor store across the street from the school. I just think it's odd that you can be punished for selling drugs near a school, but they allow liquor stores right across the street."

Thanks, Guild

"Not only do the Theatre Guild of Valdosta contribute wonderfully to our culture in this area, but they are also truly, honest business people. My debit card somehow managed to be debited twice from my checking account to the Valdosta Theatre Guild and before I ever knew anything had happened the Theatre Guild had already refunded my checking account. I think this is terrific business practice."

Lost on SPLOST

"Maybe if they would have advertised the vote for SPLOST more, more people would have voted on, though I would have voted for the tax. I did not know about it until after it had passed."

Thanks, Willie

"Willie Price does wonderful service at the Winn Dixie Market Place on Madison Highway. Good Job Willie!"

Cool crossing

"I like that lady crossguard at Valwood. She is a cool sight to see. Keep up the good work, ma'am."

And step on it!

"Valdosta City traffic manager, please go to Augustine and River Street and reset the timing of the light. We don't need to turn, we need to go. It is blocking up traffic, move it!"

'Break-ins' news

"With the sudden rash of burglaries that have occurred lately, it is strange that there has been no mention of these in the paper. You would think the public as a whole should have the right to know, so we can better protect ourselves and our property, since the law seems not to be able to solve any of these type of crimes!"

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