for June 20, 2002

Reason for weight

"To the cruel person who called in about people being overweight: I pray you never have an illness that causes you to gain. My work led to a back injury and shots in my spine of cortisone which caused me to gain weight. This depressed me and it caused me to gain more. I am now 60 pounds more than when I worked. I need to lose but when you can't walk or exercise, you can't lose weight."

GOP credit

"At the request of another ranter, I looked back on when the Republicans were in office in 1992, and realized that they implemented many money-saving programs (that the Clinton Administration took credit for), won a war and got voted out of office for trying to make government smaller. Clinton arrived, spent money, grabbed some interns and made no military stands in eight years. I hope that answers your question."

Barking bulldog

"I've ranted about the VDT rarely covering Georgia Bulldog football for over a year, and it is never posted. I guess the VDT welcomes criticism of everyone but themselves."

Subdivision speeders

"To the speeders on Pinecliff Drive: My 9-year-old found our neighbor's puppy dead on the side of the road. Don't you realize this is a subdivision with children playing? What if next time it is one of the children?"

Ego deflating

"To 'Chronic excuses:' Maybe everyone doesn't have a perfect body and superiority like you. There would be too much competition, and I am afraid your ego wouldn't take it. Quit judging. Live and let live."

Bold program

"Thank you to Nickelodeon for stepping up to the plate and airing the special show on same sex parents. This is a great step in teaching everyone especially our children that hate and violence to people who are different is not accepted. Television shows focused on tolerance and respect need to be aired regularly on all stations."

Heroes exist

"I got chills after reading the story of the two young men and young lady who saved the man in the fire. These people are proof that there are fine people in Valdosta, and these three deserve all the credit they can get! May God bless their hearts."

Blameless women

"If you want proof of feminine attractiveness, go to plus-sized stores and look at the window ads of models who are so-called 'plus sized.' They use models who wear a size 8, while stores with regular-sized clothes used models who wear a size 0. It's not the women who have messed up feminine attractiveness."

Get up and move

"Take the stairs, park far away from the grocery store and walk, get up from the table, walk around the block ... just do something and you can lose the weight!"

Nowhere to go

"At North Oak Street and Murray Road, we have a left turn lane and no street there. We need a right turn lane there. I don't know who the bright person is who puts a left turn lane and nowhere to go."

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