for Jan. 3, 2003

High cost of Valdosta

"After I read the comment that had recently been made regarding the wages in this area. I agree. But I had a few thoughts on a related subject. What is the deal with the cost of renting apartments and houses in this area? How can they 'get away' with the amounts they charge? I read something recently in the VDT about how the wages increase at about the same rate as bread and gas, etc., in the last 15 or so years. But the cost of rent has doubled (and then some)? What is going on around here?"

One is not a 'them'

"It's amazing how one person can talk about Jesse Jackson as an individual and in the same sentence classify him as a whole, using the word 'them.' Is this some kind of generalization towards the black race? If so then that's exactly why the world is in the condition it is in."

Slow it down

"To all of the speeders coming through the school zone on Baytree, slow down, or wake up earlier to get to work."

Pray for defense

"Please pray for the soldiers, Marines, airmen, and sailors who are protecting our great country. I am proud to be a sailor and I hope you feel safe because of our efforts."

Glory days?

"No team anywhere near here can touch Parkview. The teams in Valdosta won't make it by reputation alone. The glory days are over."

A loud beep

"To the guy in the restaurant who had the loudest cell phone ringer I've ever heard, who took the call and talked at full volume ... you're really lucky that my two daughters were with me that day."

New board?

"I agree with the person who said get a new board of education. Be like Albany. When their board of education made a judgment nobody liked, they got rid of them; so let's elect our own people and make the right decision about O'Brien and not something else."

After the cones

"When they move the cones on Bemiss Road, what are they going to do with the broken down vehicles, park them on the sidewalk?

A big concern

"The person who was watching the individual go to and from the buffet must have been there quite a while. I wonder how much you loaded up on your tray the first time?"

Road bunk or bunker?

"Will somebody, anybody, please tell me the purpose of those WWII bunkers on Bemiss Road?"

Saving thanks

"Thank you to Chad Chadwick for rescuing my poor little kitty out of my elm tree on Tuesday. Thank you very much, Chad."

More thanks

"What a nice Christmas present we received just before Christmas when Johnny Cooper from Ray City stopped and changed our tire. "

Traffic lesson

"What will the additional traffic on Oak Street be when the Valdosta Middle School opens its doors at the middle school entrance? I hope something will be done soon."

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