for Nov. 22, 2002

Sour Democrats

"Maybe there was a time when voting Democrat made sense. FDR was a great leader for his time. But comments made like those of 'GOP's Chance' sound too much like sour grapes!"

Caller off base

"The caller is dead wrong about the call to solid values helping SAT scores. There is no values section on the SAT, and some of the most godless people in the world score well and become teachers. What you need for the SAT is math and English, not values."

Illogical comment

"The ranter who said the students take the SAT, not the teachers, therefore the teachers can't raise the SAT scores has bad logic. Who prepares the students for the SAT? The students don't teach themselves. Perhaps we would get a better education if they did."

Teachers to blame

"The bottom line is Georgia is dead last in SAT scores and the locals don't dare blame it on the teachers. It's obviously the teachers' fault. Talk about dodging responsibility, sheesh. When a company fails do you blame the president or his mother?"

Teachers' incentive

"If Sonny gives the teachers a raise, even a COLA, before the SAT scores go up then we should vote him out and get Roy Barnes back because I know he had some good initiatives and was on the verge of making a difference in education in Georgia. He was probably as embarrassed as I am about this SAT business."

Thanks again

"Many thanks to the gentleman who found my backpack on Berkeley Drive and took the time to bring it to my home that evening. I will show my gratitude by doing a good turn to another. Thank you sir."

Stop tailgating

"People tailgate, then speed fast, breaking the speed limit, only to be stopped just ahead by a red light. Tailgaters, remember if you hit the car in front of you, it is not their fault, but yours. Please slow down on our roads."

Beverage choice

"Most restaurants serve sweet tea. Even if they didn't that doesn't mean the food will be lousy. You people just need to grow up. There are other beverages to drink besides sweet tea."

Work not done

"The construction at LHS is an outrage! I think that the students should not have to suffer for the slowness of the construction workers. They should have done their job during the summer. That's what SPLOST was for. What's really going on?"

Dangerous crossing

"How many more citizens have to be hurt or killed at the intersection of Highway 94 and Inner Perimeter Road before a red light is put up?"

Kmart helpers

"Thanks to all the nice people at Kmart Express who offered to help me when my car wouldn't start. Thank you Chadwick for taking my mom to work for me and thank you Marie Dukes for starting my vehicle and thank you Jay for standing by in case I needed you to take me to work also. There are really some nice people in South Georgia."

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