for May 6, 2002

No excuses

"No ancient scribblings of any kind excuse what Israel is doing to its neighbors, unarmed boys in the streets, Arab girls, white women sex slaves, and people whose homes have been bulldozed so their land can be taken and occupied (on any 'bank').""

Pretty Valdosta

"Last week I was visiting Valdosta for my nephew's wedding and to enjoy my family. I do believe that Valdosta is one of the prettiest cities I have ever seen. Most everyone takes much pride in their homes and the landscaping of their yards."

Tryout fees

"Could somebody explain to me why Valdosta High School is charging a $50 tryout fee for cheerleading? And why were the kids who are on free and reduced lunch told not to try out for the team because they probably couldn't afford it. Can I please get a response from anyone?"

Running for safety

"I practically run to my car from class in the evenings, because there are plenty of dimly lit hiding spaces between my class and my car for perpetrators to hide. Incidents happen more than the general public hears about, because we read about them in the school paper all the time, while we never see any big mention in The Times. I don't give a darn about the stars or the beauty of the school when my safety is at stake."

Indulgent parents

"More walking and bicycling to school would be great for children and also improve lots of weight and health problems. The 'missing children' argument is just another lame excuse by the selfish me-generation yuppie SUV lovers and weak 'parents' who continue to spoil their offspring in terms of labor, physical effort and temporary discomfort."

Customer litter

"For the person talking about my business on Baytree Road: If you would think about it, I don't throw the trash down, you do. Why don't you stop throwing the trash out for me to pick for me to pick up? This is not a landfill you know, this is a business. I take pride in my business, how about taking pride in yourself?"

Great play

"Bravo! What an excellent evening. The current play being offered to the public by the Theatre Guild of Valdosta was such fun! A real treat."

Honest priests

"Cover up? Let us not forget that there are approximately 55,000 Catholic priests here in America who have nothing to cover up."

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