for March 5, 2003

Barnes' legacy

"Excuse me. I don't mean to state the blatantly obvious to embarrass anyone, but didn't the low scores for Georgia graduates come out after Gov. Barnes' reform went into effect? And, just so you'll know the truth. Reading scores did not rise like Barnes' ads used to claim. You see, he had the standards changed to have them scored differently. Check out the report cards yourself and compare on the Georgia DOE Web site."

Children's play

"To the lady looking for the indoor play parks and discovery centers and childrens' museums: Pop that plastic bubble around your kid and let him or her get outside and participate in some physical activity and God forbid, maybe even get dirty. They'll thank you for it later in life as they pass the psychiatrist's office on their way to the gym."

Retreat comments

"I finished reading your article on city leaders going to Jekyll Island to discuss the SPLOST tax. I especially love the part where they will have no time for golf. Taxpayers are really stupid, aren't we? Imagine what they can accomplish if we send them to the Riviera."

Drivers thanked

"I would just like to say that the suffering will soon be finished for all Valdostans who use Bemiss Road every day. I would like to thank those who are just as frustrated as the rest of us, but who drive safely and have respect for their neighbors. You make Valdosta a better place to live."

Taxpayers' rights

"Perdue wants to undo Barnes' educational initiatives and let the local districts determine their own standards. The editorial writer appears to be against this as Georgia is near the bottom in education compared to other states. Why should government make all the standards for us? Why don't the local taxpayers determine what quality of education their children receive by making these demands known to the local school board? Because the taxpayers pay for this education, why shouldn't they have a voice in its execution and its standards?"

Be prepared

"Columnist Charley Reese doesn't get the idea about terrorism. Just because someone think about terrorism in New York City doesn't mean it will happen to them in Florida. The whole idea is to be prepared because you don't know where it will be in the first place."

Protecting the good

"I was appalled at the paper's opinion about Perdue and his changes to the education reform. The Fair Dismissal Act protects the good teachers from being fired without a reason. Also, physical education, art and music are important subjects, also. Just look at the obesity rate in Georgia and you will understand why any physical activity we have for our children is necessary."

Stay close to home

"We have a perfectly good tax-supported Convention Center here, and I see no reason for the Valdosta City Council and mayor to use more taxpayers' money to go on a retreat. We wish we could go on a retreat to get away from things also. I hope it is productive, but I wish they wouldn't use our tax money in such a way."

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